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Digital Assets Partnerships And Use Cases

Why Start an Initiative Before Partnership?

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The Apollo Foundation started many initiatives with various countries, and thus far, one has led to the Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Lesotho. Countries and businesses build relationships through initiatives for reasons such as becoming familiar with organizations, familiar with the project, products and weigh options on their immediate needs.

Chron Small Business says, “A business initiative is an organization’s way of setting a priority. It is usually a description of the direction the organization wants to take and how that will improve the organization. The initiative may be a component of the organization’s vision for the future.” An initiative will have a start date, required steps, SWOT analysis, safety net, support plans, and an end timeframe.

In the case of Apollo Currency and its government initiatives, a list of goals, key actions, and issues for a specific country will quickly lead to further communication and collaboration.

An initiative involves meeting with officials, the decision-makers at the highest levels of a government organization. They could meet once, twice or as many times until a decision is made to implement the technology, or to further discuss its benefits in other industries. In the case of Lesotho, the administration identified the main objectives of the blockchain initiative are to:

  • Create new wealth in the private sector by harnessing Apollo fintech solutions
  • Design and implement new government systems
  • Reduce financial crime
  • Maximize the commercialization of the nation’s mineral wealth
  • Eradicate challenges like unemployment, poverty and educational constraints

Zimbabwe and Ivory Coast Initiatives may look completely different from that of Lesotho that which already signed an MoU with Apollo Currency blockchain. They will focus on issues directly affecting their government systems and society at large. A timeframe cannot be estimated as to when other initiatives will manifest into partnerships, but because Apollo Currency has the key to all 54 African countries through the ADF Group, they are sure of more to come. Every country in the world will one day use digital assets, blockchain, or technology such as DAG (Apollo 2020 roadmap goal). Everything will be digital, and the more digital the world gets, is the more demand will be for Apollo.

Expectations are that after partnerships are signed, some countries will have to make total transformations to their systems, employ knowledgeable personnel, and educate the population on how to utilize the new technology. Public adoption will be slow in some countries than others because of access to the required devices, electricity, and internet connections. What is good about an initiative is that once a government is on board with the new tech, that administration will start utilizing it, followed by the general public. Therefore, any country MoU with the Apollo Foundation will tremendously benefit that country in the future even if it’s just for investment, and they purchase two or three hundred million Apollo Currencies (APL) to reserve or to trade.

The benefit of Apollo blockchain initiatives extends beyond one country, signing a partnership deal. When one country identifies the features and uses cases of the Apollo Blockchain, neighboring countries will also investigate their system to identify areas they could implement Apollo blockchain. Apollo Foundation digital asset and blockchain is the closest asset to mass adoption.


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