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Direct Apollo Partnership And Use Cases

United Allied States Official and Interim Leaders

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Apollo Fintech is on the brink of making history in the cryptocurrency and financial technology space once again. Revelation of the United Allied States dignitaries are coming in one by one, and Apollo Fintech is at the center of it all and will be the backbone of all technology developments for all States.

Jeff Coleman CSPO, CSM
Secretay of State of the UAS

Just a few hours ago, Steve McCullah, Apollo Fintech’s CEO, confirmed that Jeff Coleman CSPO, CSM, is the official Secretary of State of the United Allied States.

Oscar Ulises Calderón Moreno
Interim Secretary of Commerce UAS
Wessel Sevenster, Congressman (UAS)
Robinson Elie, MBA
Interim Secretary of Education (UAS)
Theodora Haddad
International Lawyer | Political Analyst  | EPSO EU POLICIES
United Allied States

As more developments come in we will update this list of names.

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