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United Allied States - A New Country Entirely on Blockchain

Technology has granted us opportunities more than we sometimes bargain for at the time of creating something new. What technology is not doing for us today, is helping us to locate the new land, the United Allied States mentioned by Apollo Fintech’s CEO, Steve McCullah.

Steve McCullah is a credible entrepreneur and business-minded individual. The Apollo community trust and belief in him because of his frequent presence, communication skills, and his assurances that always blossom and be fruitful. Therefore, the United Allied States is undoubtedly a work in progress and will utilize Apollo Fintech’s blockchain and products. Apollo Fintech’s products fall under three categories: Government Solutions, Commercial Products, and Consumer Products. It is, by date, the only platform in the blockchain ecosystem that is providing such solutions for nations, solving real problems, and developing technology to address unforeseen financial issues. Video.


The exact location of the soon to be announced United Allied States (UAS) is currently unknown, but according to information from Steve McCullah, it has been in the works for some time. What we gathered is that the United Allied States has ties to many countries on the continent of Africa and around the world. Narrowing down, Steve did mention that the first UAS country will be in Africa, where there is a Christian population. Searches on the internet for the UAS were futile, which led to speculations and more questions that Steve himself addressed. The more this nation discussion continues, the more it comes to life. Steve McCullah share sneak peeks of the UAS passport, a draft of the money, and emblem.


Representatives from the UAS contracted Apollo Fintech to develop and manage the technical aspects of all departments or industries while utilizing the Apollo blockchain. For example, things such as marriage certificates, passports, security forces (police and military), education, and financial institutions will run on the blockchain. It’s the most influential contract ever recorded in the blockchain industry, and expectations are that many more nations will explore blockchain capabilities. Factually, Apollo expanded its presence in the field because of countries growing interest in their products.

Besides the Apollo Fintech platform, the blockchain is sustainable and feature rich. At present, it is the only All-in-One and the lone company to create Database Sharding technology on an active blockchain. Regarding technology, it is superior over the likes of Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, BCH, and all other digital assets. Apollo has a centralized exchange, a decentralized exchange, and a Fintech platform that significantly reduces the risk for individual investors, institutions, and nations. Community members believe those are some of the reasons behind the Apollo contract for the UAS project.


Citizenship applications will go online as soon as the network goes public. Acceptance will base on several contributing factors, such as skills level and education. Freedom for all is there overall goal and top priority. Like every country, the UAS will comprise of a government with department heads, a court system, a voting system, and municipalities. In comparison to modern cities, the United Allied States will outrun Dubai. Once online, any and everyone can apply.

Apollo Benefits

All digital assets are hoping for mass adoption from countries, financial institutions, and various industries. What does this mean for Apollo? How better than this could things get when an entire nation is on your platform? It indicates that Apollo will become a household name and a first choice amongst industry leaders. Fees paid in APL will lift the value of the company to great heights. If the UAS stick to the big picture and develop territories on other continents, Apollo Fintech’s value will soar in the long term. Every tech company will ask how they captured such a contract. Every news channel will air their success, and financial networks will track their daily activities as they implement solutions and systems. Apollo Exchanges

The only information available is what is coming out from the Apollo camp because they are responsible for the technical infrastructure and permission, was granted to share limited details. What questions do you have about the UAS – the best-kept secret in blockchain? Join Apollo Telegram and ask Steve directly.

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