Sat. Sep 25th, 2021


Direct Apollo Partnership And Use Cases

This Fintech Company Already Has Many Successes

Image by: Chris

It’s an open playing field with a lot of room for new and veteran companies to freely pass the ball. Some companies’ visions are too narrow and impossible to interpret to make changes to score winning goals. Apollo Fintech is making significant differences on and off the field. They demonstrated the technical skills, team ability, and stand against any challenge. Apollo is a lightyear ahead of all other blockchain technology platforms on the playing field.

There are many ways to measure success. At times it depends on who is looking through the success lens, what that individual sought, and their present situation. Upon looking through the Apollo success lens, there are numerous achievements to document and glorify.

An All-in-One Platform – the vision of an All-in-One platform brought great minds and already successful individuals to the Apollo birth table. Never seen before, Apollo came to life with many features. Much more features than any other digital asset startups, just as they envisioned. The challenges they faced were all foreseen because they were smart enough to plan and engineered the project two years before its launch. Apollo’s All-in-One is an unmatchable success by itself.

FUD – Next is complimenting the team for overcoming FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) and standing their grounds. While harm was done, great leadership controlled the situation, and FUDsters dropped to their knees. That was their first hurdle from the beginning of the project until a few months ago.

Sharding – currently the most difficult technology to develop was done by the unknown Apollo Foundation. They did it! And it’s working! As far as recognition, the people who called themselves blockchain pioneers and leaders refused to turn their heads and congratulate the still unknown or the newcomer. By now you should recognize it’s not a level playing field. The top players will make it known that they have no intention of giving you the credit you deserve. The Apollo team did not fold. Instead, the stayed the course.

DEX – If you could name a cryptocurrency platform with a Decentralized Exchange in their wallet besides Apollo that would be awesome. That is trusted access to an exchange at the tip of your finger and around the clock. It is amazing how the Apollo team planned all those steps before launching and developed them one by one. DEX took Apollo to a higher level in terms of security (protection), privacy, simplicity and accessibility for investors.

Wallets – When investing in digital assets, finding assets with wallets are a challenge. That’s the reason there are wallets such as Ledger, Trezor, and others. A coin with a dedicated wallet from the coin platform such as Apollo draws investors closer to the company and their future goals. It indicates that the platform team cares about technological development and the security of investor’s holdings. With Apollo wallets, wallet holder’s choice is android or iOS app, web, and desktop wallets. Innovation is essential for the success of any platform. Apollo is doing it on all levels.


ADF Group – The ADF Group, the most influential financial group in Africa, called Apollo their only choice. “Because of Apollo’s independent blockchain and endless features we are endorsing its use, and adoption to any of the fifty-four (54) African countries we have relationships with.” – ADF Group CEO, Mr. Anthony Mokhele. That endorsement and partnership was also a success for Apollo away from the technological front.

Apollo Fintech – Apollo has successfully transitioned to Apollo Fintech. Financial Technology will bring Apollo to the forefront with its already feature-rich blockchain, speed, and security. According to The Financial Brand, “Fintech partnerships can help solve industry-specific points of pain, like securing credit card processing, transferring money, and processing loans quickly. With a strong fintech partnership, traditional financial organizations benefit from the leverage of a state of the art, secure network that can manage time-consuming and lengthy tasks quickly and effortlessly.”

There are many more successes in the making that will highlight Apollo as the only choice for institutions when seeking a dedicated, and innovative platform, they can trust.

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