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The Apollo Fintech #1 Premier Technology Partner

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In what has been a long road for Apollo Fintech, that bricky journey is about to be smooth sailing, comfort, and pleasure. The United Allied States (UAS) designated Apollo Fintech as its official financial technology and blockchain partner.

“Global / June 5, 2020, / United Allied States (UAS) is pleased to announce a new partnership with Apollo Fintech ( Apollo Fintech is the leading blockchain company developing interconnected solutions for the government. The blockchain company is designated as UAS’s official leading partner and will continue developing and maintaining the most advanced and efficient government systems available for the UAS. Apollo innovations and capabilities will ensure the sovereign territory’s resources are secured and managed effectively.”

The images Apollo Fintech’s CEO shared on the Apollo Telegram included pictures of a UAS Certificate of Naturalization and a Driver’s License. Their online presence should be ready by Monday, June 15th, 2020.

Apollo Fintech has now become the first blockchain company to service all government systems and has an official state currency on its blockchain. Apollo, the only to develop database sharding, is undoubtedly the most secure and advanced fintech company in the cryptocurrency atmosphere. They are leading in innovation, team dedication, management, and communication. They are successful because they are committed to changing lives and changing the world of things. They are successful because of their discipline. Look no further for the face of adoption. It is before us, the next level of financial and blockchain technology.

Biggest Announcement to Date – Massive News

The Department of Energy


The Department of Energy formulates and implements policies regarding energy infrastructure, production, research, and technology. Its responsibilities include oversight and endorsement of domestic production and distribution, energy and resource conservation, as well as waste disposal.


The energy department ensures that the UAS has adequate supplies and delivery of energy to power homes and businesses. Production and distribution come from fossil fuels, solar, wind, biofuel, and nuclear. The agency meets increasing energy demands while protecting the natural environment for future generations.


The energy department is directed by the executive branch, where the president serves as head of states. The Secretary of Energy is appointed by the President and serve as the top official of the department. His/Her responsibilities include formulating policy and implementing actions that produce and deliver sufficient energy supplies while conserving resources and protecting the natural environment.

Reasons Why Apollo Currency Will Outperform the Top 100 Cryptocurrencies

The UAS Appointed Energy Consultant Damon Lapping as Interim Energy Secretary

Damon Lapping LinkedIn page reads as follow:

Damon Lapping, DipPM, CEM®, CRM®

Energy Efficiency Expert, AEE Certified Energy Manager, AEE Carbon Reduction Manager & Energy Efficiency Project

Some articles written by Damon Lapping are The Business Case for Energy Efficiency in Data Centers, Energy Efficiency in the Wine Making Industry, and Energy Management in the Commercial Property Sector. More articles can be found at Muck Rack.

UAS – United Allied States – A New Country on Blockchain

United Allied States – a New Country Entirely on Blockchain

With global adoption and the Apollo Fintech company providing technology for all states under the UAS, Apollo index will appear on stock markets around the world. Thus far, UAS partnership is the biggest in the crypto space, and it will be talked about for decades.

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[…] the first sovereign state to have all its systems running on a blockchain. Earlier this month, UAS announced that Apollo Fintech would be its official technology partner. As the official IT partner, Apollo is […]


[…] the first sovereign state to have all its systems running on a blockchain. Earlier this month, UAS announced that Apollo Fintech would be its official technology partner. As the official IT partner, Apollo is […]

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