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Direct Apollo Partnership And Use Cases

The Apolloclypse

It’s January 4, 2020, a new year that will be different than all other years if you are ready for what will be an Apolloclypse. The energy in the Apollo camp is raging, Apollonauts are stocking their secured bags, and the team is plotting methods on how to deliver good news for the world to see.

The countdown clock has already started, and it can be heard from a distance because of the silence is in the air. Apollo Fintech has grand plans for the first three months of this year. It will be the first time for cryptocurrencies that a platform or any coin moves to fame in a fashion compared to an eclipse, from the old to the new with dominance.

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Image By: Gary Browning

Presently, there is no announcement date coming out of the camp on when to expect tech releases and new partnerships. But that could change at any moment based on prior announcements and hints on what to expect. The possibility does exist that APL could move to a permanent position in the top ten by now and the ending of March 2020. In the examination of other platforms and their tech progress, it seems like Apollo could hit the number one spot by the end of 2020 if they maintain their tech growth and consistent presence on social networks.

Getting to the top and staying there without a bull run will not be easy. The good thing is that the Foundation has already placed cement and steel bars on grounds to build on in the next few months. Apollo will need to accomplish at least two more Memorandum of Understanding, the kind they did with the Lesotho Government. The team plans to partner with every country they have initiatives with because they are innovating technology to accommodate all nations. Therefore, rightfully speaking, they have the partnership area covered. They must successfully transition from Apollo Foundation to Apollo Fintech in the eyes of institutions and let technology do the magic. The Fintech transition has already gained attention from top officials such as Apollo’s new Advisor, CTO of Huawei Technologies, Jorge Sebastiao.

A full eclipse navigates from light to darkness, and then to new light. The Apolloclypse will bring fresh blood into the crypto arena, where they’ll be one champion and zero competitors. New drops of blood that are thirsty for new technology, innovation, and not hype around a coin. Real-world use cases for all government systems. The Apolloclypse is certain. It’s a done deal. Improve your technology, follow Apollo Fintech, and they’ll be a place for your platform somewhere in the world.

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