Wed. Jan 27th, 2021


Direct Apollo Partnership And Use Cases

Superbowl In the Apollo Camp and Price Rocket

Superbowl and celebrations are coming to the Apollo Fintech camp that will last for weeks, months, and possibly years. The price of one coin will set Apollo apart from the multitude while unaffected by Bitcoin waves.

There are releases such as the new Fintech website, new roadmap, two new CEX websites, secret project, nine (9) new products, MMO game, partnerships, referral programs, new team structure, DEX #2, Fastapollo and many more exciting technologies to come in a few weeks. During the year, this year, Apollonauts will also be bracing for another transition. This time it will be from the current blockchain technology to post blockchain technology, DAG consensus. Apollo Fintech will blow up, high, very high as investors get to know the best Fintech platform that is an All-in-One, feature-rich, and the fastest cryptocurrency existing. Steve McCullah said many times that Apollo is not here to compete for the number one digital assets spot. What he was referring to Apollo replacing the need for the top 20, 50, and 100 coins by market cap. From observations on DAPUcases end, it’s not if Apollo will replace those coins but when and how soon. It more looks like this onslaught will begin by February 7th, 2020.

Based on technology, price movements, and coin supply of digital assets in the last bull market, DAPUcases believe Apollo has the advantage to do well sooner rather than later. They have Database Sharding technology that no other coin has on an active blockchain. Put that alone together with the new Apollo Fintech platform, and a win-win situation created. Now, nothing is preventing an Apollo price rocket except for more organic exchanges. Apollo listed on Digifinex, HitBTC, Bitmart, Latoken, Sistemcoin, and other exchanges. It is incredibly the most electrifying moment presently and ahead of us. When their CEX (centralize exchange) releases in a few days, it will present an immediate threat to Coinbase, Binance, and all other exchanges because of its simplicity, no transaction fees between wallets, and global acceptance.

With the rebranding to Apollo Fintech, it is much easier for the Apollo team to strike deals with institutions and government organizations. They already have the most sought features any platform could integrate if they want to rule the new digital assets class. The chief reason Apollo became Apollo Fintech is because of investors’ demand and wishes. Those demands are springing from government initiatives they started with places such as Egypt, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Malawi, and many more countries. And, not to leave out the Lesotho MoU with Apollo, the first nation to openly adopt any cryptocurrency on the government level to improve their government systems. Apollo Fintech is undoubtedly the busiest team with government initiatives, the most sought-after platform, and the most advanced with 1-2 seconds transaction speed (soon sub-seconds with FastApollo technology).

Apollo is on the field, the run has started, and they’re coming from behind with a vibrant community, with focus, motivation, ability, speed, determination, technology, precision, leadership, majesty, and quality. Apollo Superbowl celebration will last for weeks, months and years to come.

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