Tue. Jan 18th, 2022


Digital Assets Partnerships And Use Cases

Wondering what is keeping Steve McCullah and the Apollo Foundation (Fintech) team busy, what they are doing, places they are visiting, and who they are meeting with in different countries? We’ll take a look at some updates.

 2019 has been a successful year for Apollo thus far and they continue to produce. Apollo has one of the highest rating on Github because of the team development activities and there is no slowing down insight, according to the community admins on their telegram groups (Apollo has several official telegram groups). Although Steve has been traveling to various countries and his schedule is overbooked, he still finds time to socialize with the Apollo community, answer questions, and share his perspectives on the future of digital assets. Other digital assets group members, now members of Apollo telegram group often said they were never able to ask their director questions, nor seen them in group discussions. Apollo is different. Apollo is one big happy family.

You could follow Steve McCullah and the Apollo Currency team on Twitter and Telegram. Here are some of the latest tweets and telegram post from Steve McCullah on progress in the field.

Image: Chris
Image: Chris

Those are some of the latest tweets and telegram post from Steve McCullah. Follow Steve on Twitter. 

Apollo is aiming to replace the need for hundreds of cryptocurrencies on different platforms and exchanges. Having everything you need in one place saves you from identity theft, reduces the risk of losing private keys, and make life easier.

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