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RiskCapCom and Apollo Fintech Announce Compliance and Fintech Partnership

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2020-09-29 22:24:10 – Perth, Australia – (PR Distribution™)

The companies aim to bring a world-first regtech and fintech solutions to the global financial service and cryptocurrency/blockchain technology industries

September 29, 2020 / RegTech firmRisk & Capital Compliance Solutions (RiskCapCom) and Apollo Fintech are pleased to announce a new partnership that aims to bring together a world-first banking compliance solution integrated with the world’s most comprehensive CBDC and E-Government solutions. The partnership will service and market the cryptocurrency and financial services markets of the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Australia. 

RiskCapCom is an Australian fintech firm that offers a compliance management and reporting system for central bank supervisors/regulators and commercial banks. The firm is currently deploying software solutions in Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and other jurisdictions. 

The new partnership will serve as a springboard for Apollo Fintech to develop relationships and obtain contracts in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and other global regions. Apollo will also work with RiskCapCom to develop a fully integrated solution of compliance management and reporting system for blockchain/cryptocurrency organizations.

Compliance Capabilities in Global Financial Services

Risk & Capital Compliance Solutions has successfully deployed compliance and reporting software that is currently used by the Central Bank of Russia which manages the compliance of more than 800 banks. The system is also used by Russia’s largest commercial Banking Group (a global top 40 banking group) and an Australian ASX-listed Banking Group with more sales in the offing.

“Our banking compliance solutions are becoming ever-more in demand, with increasing traction and license sales to banks in Australia, Hong Kong, and New Zealand. ,” says Zeyn Adam, CEO of RiskCapCom. “The commercial banking system is also currently under trial by banks in Saudi Arabia overseen by our regional partner Carlyle Square Consulting.” 

“This exciting partnership enables Apollo Fintech and RiskCapCom to strengthen financial systems, reduce bureaucracies, increase compliance quality and strengthen economies across the globe,” says Stephen McCullah, CEO of Apollo Fintech. “We’re now working with RiskCapCom on an integrated platform of compliance and blockchain/cryptocurrency technology, as well as an e-Payment sandbox license application in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), UAE, Pakistan and a number of other nations.”

About RiskCapCom:

Risk & Capital Compliance Solutions (RiskCapCom) is a global regulatory technology (regtech) organization with offices in Australia, London, and representation in Saudi Arabia and Europe. The company specializes in the development and implementation of compliance technologies and regulatory advisory services in the key compliance area of Prudential Standards – governance, risk, and capital management for the financial services industry.

RiskCapCom has focused on building software solutions that can be used to create or enhance existing risk and capital management procedures linked to the Basel regulatory regime. The software can be used in central banks, commercial banks, asset management organizations, leasing companies, and insurance firms in countries that have adopted Basel II, Basel III, and soon Basel IV as well as Solvency II regulations.

Website: www.riskcapcom.com

LinkedIn: Risk & Capital Compliance Solutions

Facebook: RiskCapCom

Contact: greg.jardine@riskcapcom.com 

About Apollo Fintech:

Apollo Fintech is a leading blockchain innovator that develops world-shaping fintech solutions for a global economy. The company has offices in Africa and North America with plans to expand in Asia, Europe, and Latin America. Apollo Fintech is becoming a global leader in government blockchain solutions, as well as a pioneer of international mass adoption.

Website: aplfintech.com

Medium: medium.com/@apollocurrency

Videos: YouTube

Twitter: @ApolloCurrency

Telegram: @apolloofficialannouncements

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