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Direct Apollo Partnership And Use Cases

Reasons Why Apollo Currency Will Outperform the Top 100 Cryptocurrencies

December 26, 2019

The world is getting smaller as technology interventions are spreading and becoming financially affordable to the average Joe. Take, for example, the 3D printers that anyone could purchase and design complicated ornaments. Why do things the old-fashioned way when the right technology is here to make your life less stressful? Why use seven blockchain platforms when one is reliable, secure, and capable of all your needs?

There are many reasons why Apollo Fintech will outperform the top 100 coins. The top reasons are:

  1. 1. Apollo Fintech is an All-in-One platform – it will handle all your needs under a single roof. Why trade on Binance, do smart contracts on Ethereum, play games on Enjin, and do privacy transactions on the Dash platform? Does that make any sense? Why not do it all one place?

2. Apollo is partnering with governments – the Foundation has the key to all 54 African countries (the continent) through the ADF Group partnership.

3. The Foundation has an ongoing National Currency Initiative – besides the African Initiatives, the Apollo team is communicating with Middle Eastern and Asian nations. Those nations are very much interested in what the Foundation has to offer.

4. Apollo has a 3rd Generation blockchain – the only platform with 1-2 seconds per transaction together with Sharding on an active blockchain. The release of Fastapollo, ARKnet, and Apollo Cloud are all coming soon.

5. Apollo has the best team – they are successful because they have excellent communication. The Apollo team, including the Apollo Africa team members, have the experience, blockchain technology knowledge, are aware of investor’s needs, listens to investors, and executes at the appropriate periods.

6. They have the best blockchain developers – They work around the clock, show commitment to the project, and they do have fun while developing challenging blockchain features. The Apollo developers are futuristic thinkers.

7. The Apollo community is incomparable – Apollo members are believers in the Apollo currency project. Community administrators have patience, are responsive, reliable, and are always available.

8. It is a 0% inflation coin – the coin is a perfect match for countries such as Venezuela and Zimbabwe that have high inflation rates.

9. Apollo was never an initial coin offering (ICO) – the platform was fully funded from the beginning of the project and will be funded through 2020.

10. Apollo is a proof-of-stake platform – most cryptocurrencies are proof-of-work.

There are many more reasons why Apollo will replace the top 100 coins in the future. Investors will point them out, and that is needed because the more reasons they find it will all benefit the foundation.

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