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Exclusive Proof that CBZ and Apollo Fintech MoA Works

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While we await a formal announcement from the Commercial Bank of Zimbabwe, there is proof of the MoA. According to Steve McCullah, the release delay was due to unexpected events related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Very soon, they’ll be a joint statement from the CBZ and Apollo Fintech. Because of the solutions innovated by Apollo, Apollo products will benefit the Zimbabwe economy in ways such as lower fees for remittances, on-demand access to funds, etc.

How do you think this agreement will benefit the Zimbabwe economy?

Very soon, they'll be a joint statement from the CBZ and Apollo Fintech. Click To Tweet

Commercial Bank of Zimbabwe (CBZ) Joins Apollo Fintech Platform

Inflation Proof Your RTGS With Apollo Fintech's USD Secured Stable Coin. Click To Tweet
Now you can lock in the value of your RTGS balances to maintain the value of your Zim dollars for a whole year! Click To Tweet

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