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Digital Assets Partnerships And Use Cases

Apollo Fintech Products

Government Products

Apollo National Currency

The Apollo National Currency System facilitates the sending and receiving of a Country’s national currency on an incorruptible ledger without the security, uptime and transparency issues of a centralized system. Issues such as downtime, manipulation, security vulnerabilities, and slow transactions are permanently solved.

Apollo Tax System

The government tax system, in conjunction with the national currency system, deducts taxes automatically from specified transactions and balances. These taxes can be automatically withdrawn in a number of ways to fit nearly every tax model. Regardless of the tax method, collected funds are transferred into the government’s account where they are available instantly.

Apollo Commodity Exchange

The Apollo Commodity Exchange allows governments to liquidate assets and commodities instantly, and for the highest prices possible. This is accomplished by determining the size of the supply of a given asset or commodity and then creating a token by which those commodities are pegged.

Apollo Mineral Claim System

The Apollo Mineral Claim System allows a mining ministry to replace paper maps or vulnerable centralized ledgers with a single incorruptible system. This system connects all mining offices into one unhackable database, eliminating issues of downtime and manipulation. Re-occurring fees can be easily added and payment deducted automatically.

Apollo Government Bank Platform

The Apollo Bank transfer Platform gives a central bank the ability to conduct instant payments to and from any bank in the network using the local currency as well as foreign currency if needed. The platform can be used after a simple integration using the Apollo Bank Transfer API or instantly by using the stand-alone platform. Payments can be sent, received and tracked nearly immediately.

Commercial Products

White Label Payment System

The Apollo white-label payment system allows any bank or commercial entity to take advantage of Apollo’s blockchain peer to peer payment system. By utilizing this payment system, a business can save a substantial amount of time and resources and gain access to technology that is not only proven but far superior to traditional platforms.

Apollo Bank Network

The Apollo Bank Network facilitates uncapped, instantaneous bank to bank payments worldwide, in any currency. Military grade security, free dedicated integration, and two second international transactions are just a few of the benefits. Payments can be sent, received and tracked nearly immediately.

Consumer Products

Knox exchange

Knox exchange is an Earth shaping product born out of the intense determination to offer unparalleled cryptocurrency accessibility to every corner of the globe. By combining physical locations, government collaborations and bank partnerships, Knox eliminates every traditional barrier into cryptocurrency, becoming the first blockchain to truly “bank the unbanked."

Apollo Cash

Apollo Cash was created from a vision to make the convenience of digital payments accessible to every human on Earth. Utilizing industry-disrupting technology, Apollo Cash aims to completely replace traditional payment systems by removing the barriers of fiat deposits, accessibility, and usage.

Apollo Dex

Apollo DEX was developed out of the desire to create one of the first truly immutable, decentralized exchanges. Unlike the vast majority of “decentralized” exchanges on the market, Apollo DEX is completely and totally decentralized. Transactions are absolute and there are no possibilities of human interference or regulation.

Apollo Currency

Apollo Currency has accomplished its goal in becoming the World’s fastest, most feature-rich cryptocurrency. Apollo was developed for the sole purpose of offering every mainstream cryptocurrency feature on one platform.

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