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Digital Assets Partnerships And Use Cases

President Of the United Allied States Inauguration

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In the first 100 days of office, the President should move swiftly for UN recognition?
In the first 100 days in office, the President should invite these foreign leaders to the UAS.
Encourage cryptocurrency exchanges to migrate to the UAS.
Would you like to see a female Vice-President in the UAS?
Should the inauguration speech take place in the United Allied States?
What would you like to hear in the inauguration speech?
If the inauguration speech is not virtual, would you like to see foreign dignitaries in attendance?
The UAS will be a central point for blockchain and cryptocurrency development?
Who looks more presidential?
Who looks more presidential?
President Of the United Allied States Inauguration August 15, 2020. Click To Tweet
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[…] This article did not touch on Quantum Steel, GSX, Gold Inc. game, and many more techs and products under the company arms. Feel free to explore their telegram and twitter to learn more about tomorrows #1 Fintech platform. Be sure to tune in to the UAS presidential inauguration and don’t miss a second of President Steve McCullah speech. […]

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