Thu. Jan 21st, 2021


Direct Apollo Partnership And Use Cases

New Apollo Fintech Positions and Third Shard

It is winter in some parts of the world, and others are scorching because of the heat from mother sun. What Apollo Fintech is about to deliver will make it better for everyone, wherever you are in this blessed world under the moon, the sun, and all heavens.

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Steve McCullah – Apollo Fintech CEO

Here is a local gentleman who was born a leader and was never fearfull to make the first move, never afraid of failure, and never questioned his leadership qualities and capabilities of piloting a craft as enormous as Apollo Fintech. Here is a gentleman who is approachable, knowledgeable, adjustable, and humble. He is someone who acknowledges that he learns as he grows, who knows that to prevail there must be preparation, trials, and at times a struggle. When there were hard times, he stood firm. Whether it rained, snowed, or shines, he looked up to the positive signs with determination, belief, and a smile for he knew, the struggle is there to be won. Today he is in the driver’s seat, winning every battle one by one for the world to see. The journey that presented itself as long and wearisome became shorter and shorter as he and the team devour the miles by utilizing their 3rd generation technology to clear obstacles and win great deals. With his leadership as CEO, Steve McCullah will position Apollo Fintech to lead the Financial Technology Industry. Steve McCullah is Apollo Fintech CEO.

Third Shard

Where is Ethereum 2.0 sharding technology that is often making news on some crypto news platforms? The latest news is that ETH 2.0 may not happen until the 3rd quarter of 2020. Apollo has completed its Third Shard successfully. Not once, not twice, but the third Shard clocked is in the box. Apollo did not discover and achieve database sharding by mistake. They knew that they could get it done. And it was for that reason it was included in their roadmap when it seemed like an impossible quest.

Technical Coordinator

The next news is that Apollo Matt Roberts accepted the position for Apollo Fintech Technical Coordinator. Congratulations to Matt, and we know he deserves to be there because of his outstanding performance over the time he was with Apollo.

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