Wed. Jan 27th, 2021


Direct Apollo Partnership And Use Cases

My Apollo Story From Birth to Kingship

When I was born 

They didn’t give me a chance to grow 

I was born with a lot of features 

Something they weren’t used to be seeing 

They accused me of wrong doing

They felt threatened 

Called me names such as scam

Even wrote about me in articles


They pledged destroy me from birth 

Publicized me to their followers

As a danger to society 

I did nothing wrong 

They called themselves intelligent, 

smart, and the best in this space 


But they were wrong 

I survived 

I weathered the storm 

Set the records straight 

Brought them to their knees 

Look at me today

I am Apollo Fintech 

I’m providing solutions for governments

Developing Products for commercial companies

And improving consumers lives around the world

All in one place 

Apollo Fintech 


Written by 

Thank you 

The world will know Apollo Currency.    

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