Sat. Sep 25th, 2021


Direct Apollo Partnership And Use Cases

MMO Game Preview of What Will Be a Massive Run Up for Apollo

When you develop a plan, you must execute that plan at all costs even when the condition is gloomily unfavorable. That is how the Apollo Foundation function against the odds. A change is coming to Apollo blockchain, and it will draw the attention of every news outlet. One that not only will attract multitudes, but also unite people of all languages, colors, sex, and customs. The true purpose of a blockchain will begin at Apollo Fintech.

You’ve probably heard the words “An internet of things” echoed somewhere as you focus on busy schedules and daily living activities. Since those words first appeared, to this very moment, many ideas or things born to the internet vanished beyond recognition and remembrance. They’ll be more, but today they are technologically chosen based on qualitative and qualitative analysis. Now, let me bring you back. Won’t it be awesome to say Apollo is the “Blockchain of Features?” Or, what about a “Blockchain of Possibilities?”

Image By: Gary Browning

Steve McCullah, Apollo Director of Business Development, shared some exciting news on upcoming features and projects to the blockchain. At 9:45 AM EST on Apollo Telegram channel, Steve said, “Gold Inc., the much anticipated survival MMO game utilizing Apollo blockchain is nearing completion. Materials will be released soon.”

Steve continued:

Coming this month, Apollo will unleash the preview of an upcoming MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game called Gold Inc. It will be in real-time with realistic looks and feel. It will increase the value of the blockchain and draw the attention of gamers from across the net.

Everyone online when Steve popped in felt like questioning him more for tips, but he related all info certainly not under any pressure. The excitement rang home, and the MMO game became the center talk throughout the day.


When a community member asked if Apollo Fintech owns the game, Community Director, Lee Behnke responded, “It’s actually a separate company that’s developing the game. The great news is they will be using the Apollo blockchain, and everyone who plays will have an Apollo wallet.” That’s a plausible addition to the fastest and most features rich Apollo 3rd Generation blockchain.

There are millions of people playing MMO games daily. Some of the most popular games are World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Tera, Eve Online, Runescape, and Black Desert Online, World of Witchcraft, and The Elder Scrolls Online Players. Apollo APL will aim to rant amongst the best. All players will own an APL wallet, providing another use case for the Apollo currency.

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