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Lucky Luna Will Treasure Only Doxxed Projects On LunaSwap V2

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Lucky Luna Crypto is working to end the wild west of cryptocurrency projects hustling their investors with fake projects and rug pulls. It will be a long road, but they are ready for the rough ride. Crypto Investing won’t be the same.
Ever since the creation of bitcoin, developers and investors have been going with the flow of loss or gain. It was one way or the other. It became accepted. It looked like it would be what it is forever. Some honest developers complain about peers unfairly practices, and some ride the wave. Most did not go the extra mile to stop fake projects because it benefitted them financially.

A simple google search revealed billions of dollars in cryptocurrencies fill the pockets of scammers yearly. Those were honest victims trying to invest their hard-earned salaries for the future of themselves and their families. It is paramount for investors to research newly found tokens to avoid falling victim to heartless developers.

Lucky Luna Solution To Fake Projects

Requesting KYC is one way to slow the scam virus. But, we, the investors, witnessed that KYC alone is not stopping the virus. In the past, exchange developers ran away with huge funds, although the public knew their names. Can fake projects ever be stopped? Lucky Luna is going against the odds and doing things differently, an extra five miles.
The founders of Lucky Luna decided to develop a safe exchange after discovering that the crypto business is highly unfair. They created the LunaSwap exchange that hosts the swap liquidity token, Lucky Luna Token (LLT). LunaSwap is the first and only exchange with the technology to charge taxes in BNB.

Developers interested in listing their BSC gems on LunaSwap V2 launching soon will have to agree on publicly doxxing themselves. If they love their creativity, favor curbing the wild west behavior, and distinguish themselves, public vetting should not be a problem. In the long run, it will tremendously benefit their projects by wearing the safe project label.
Thus far, investors are responding positively to what they are tirelessly working to achieve. They received high praises from cryptocurrency YouTubers for their effort in creating such an ambitious project. Interviews and AMA’s were all successful and admired. What crypto galaxies were missing was a safe place for investors to choose projects as they desired. It will be much harder for developers to disappear with their faces known throughout the space.

The founders of LunaSwap are well aware of the thousands of tokens developed daily. Most are copy and paste technology and are utterly useless and created with bad intentions. The LunaSwap team will list only those few genuine projects.

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