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Direct Apollo Partnership And Use Cases

Apollo Advisor CTO - Jorge Sebastiao Tweeted

In the wee hours of the morning of Monday 16, 2019, Jorge Sebastiao tweeted a reply to Apollonaut – @MrGotNoBitcoin. One could sense his excitement to be part of the Apollo technological revolution that is changing the way governments operates. Mr. Sebastiao was responsible enough to also tag his primary company Huawei within his reply. 

Is it time for Apollo to hire a CTO as an advisor? The Foundation was launched on November 1st, 2017, just around the last bull run but was plagued by negative reviews from day one because of their ambitious All-in-One technology features. From day one they weathered the storm with consistency, never an ICO, and well-funded. Along the way they’ve made distinctive contributions to the industry such as with the development of the once impossible technology known as Sharding, and their DEX built in Apollo wallets, etc. With all that building, and respect gained, they are ready for a CTO of his caliber to move forward.

A Forbes article highlighted “What Makes A Good CTO Great? 8 Qualities To Hire For.” Qualities they noted are:

  1. Strong engineering discipline
  2. Experience
  3. A large, quality network 
  4. Knowledge of the full stack of the technology you’re working with
  5. A practical approach
  6. Good communication skills
  7. Strategic thinking
  8. Knowledge of the landscape of tools

The Apollo Foundation found the right person to take them to the next level with confidence and the qualities listed above.

How likely it is that we will one day see Apollo wallets on Huawei devices? With this kind of high-level executives on your team, the sky is the limit. Endless number of positives could potentially spring from such an addition to a rising and promising platform that is already making history in the digital assets space. Apollo is setting and maintaining high standards with highly knowledgeable and respectable candidates. So, to answer the question of whether a partnership between Huawei and Apollo is possible, the answer is yes. Here are some reasons to think about

  1. Huawei has a lot of confidence in their executives to make the right decisions. 
  2. Huawei, like any other company would like the #1 spot in the phone industry. Apollo is touching nations and has the best tech and secured wallets.

3. Huawei is a global company and to defeat the #1 company more tech has to pour into places such as Africa where technology adaptation is rapidly growing and where Apollo is currently striking deals. It’s a perfect match.

Now that Mr. Sebastiao has shown the world his heart to join the Apollo team, investors need not look further. With the experience, honesty and connections that he brings with him, investors will know that Apollo Foundation (Fintech) can be trusted and it’s the right time to get on board and explore their technology.

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