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Instantly Invest In APL From April 14th, 2021, On Stratus

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Instant Invest will launch on April 14, 2021, on the Apollo Fintech social ecosystem platform, It is a bold step towards creating an environment that encircled everything technology and fun that investors seek to improve their earning potential and lifestyle. Can Apollo currency APL decouple from BTC and ETH?

Steve McCullah February 12, 2021:

I can’t imagine how instant invest is going to impact APL. It could easily increase buys 10x. Honestly, I see that being on the low end, because of commission-based sales. No other currency has that that I know of, not after their initial sale.

Investors have long lived within a stressful process of purchasing top coins, transferring them to exchanges, and then selecting their choice’s digital asset tied to one of those top coins. It is a long and tedious process that has been discouraging or an obstacle to mass adoption. Most new digital asset investors cling to YouTube and blogs for instructions on how to navigate investment platforms in the new asset class. It is a process in which many people lost their coins while transferring from one place to the next. Fees for moving coins are expensive; investors lose faith in the system and the courage to continue.
Investors wanting to invest in Apollo Fintech’s products will no longer experience the difficult hurdles explained above. Apollo Fintech is providing every technology for the comfort of all its investors. They make a significant difference in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry with their futuristic visions for the average investor.

Over the years, investing platforms such as Robinhood and Coinbase bloomed because of the simplicity of instantly investing. In 2020, Robinhood had over 13 million users and Coinbase over 43 million. With the Apollo Fintech system’s introduction, demand for APL and GSX will rise significantly.

Instant Invest Will Encourage Investing

Points to note about Apollo Fintech Instant Invest are:
Low Transaction Fees
Use Credit Cards
Quick and Safe Process
No Transfer Fees Needed Unless Transferring to Trade Platforms
Earn Commissions by Referral System
Partnered Exchanges
Top Liquidity
Unlimited Purchases
Zero KYC
Simplified Design
Send Crypto To Email Address

Steve McCullah December 12th, 2020:

The pitch paired with instant Invest should be unimaginably successful. Instant buy, no KYC before buying, and showing the full extent of the platform.

With Knox Bank, and other products, Instant Invest will bring a new feeling of trust to the crypto industry. Getting thus far, we could visualize Apollo creating an AIP (Automatic Investment Plan) program soon. According to Investopedia, “An automatic investment plan is one of the best ways to save money. Numerous market mechanisms have been devised to help facilitate automatic investment plans. Investors can contribute through their employer by scheduling automatic deductions from their paycheck for investment in employer-sponsored investment accounts. Individuals can also choose to set up automatic withdrawals from a personal account.” Implementing an Automatic Investment Plan may or may not be on the table at present, but moving forward, all indications are hinting at a world of possibilities.

Speaking of a world of possibilities, Instant Invest will, on the platform, have the companionship of several other features. Those features are Ad Hub, Blog, Photo, Local, Global Hub, and many more. It will also include a wallet for purchasing items on the Market Hub, which has the feel of Amazon, but in a digital environment. The Stratus platform’s power will manifest because of each feature’s capabilities to attract many people from all worlds of investments.

Currencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Apollo Currency (APL), USDT, and Gold Secured Currency (GSX) will be available for instant investing. The Apollo Fintech umbrella is home to the only All-in-One crypto and blockchain, Stratus social ecosystem, and products for every industry on earth are indeed a company to explore.

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