Thu. Jan 21st, 2021


Direct Apollo Partnership And Use Cases

Important Updates on Apollo Fintech Knox Exchange

The wait will soon over, and they’ll be nothing but excitement filling the air for Apollo Fintech’s early investors. But wait, it will always be early to invest in Apollo Currency because many nations and central banks will be on board this young and feature-rich Fintech platform. Therefore, it’s a winner now and will continue to win because of Apollo’s team forward-thinking strategy and ability to master invincible technology.
Knox is on hold, but today Steve said they are in the process of final testing. He expressed his satisfaction with the team accomplishments, and Knox is impressive.

Image By: Gary Browning
Hey all! 
I have to say, even though I am very OCD about the details and am rarely impressed. After viewing the end result of Knox with our recent changes I am incredibly happy with the results!
It’s looking better than we had even hoped. We are so close guys, I guarantee it’s going to be worth the wait! 
I’ll give you guys a sneak peak into our lineup in the meantime. 
A few of the goodies we will be adding following release:
1. Staking/Forging
2. Stand alone wallet apps (for vault storage and staking)
3. IEO platform 
4. True Credit Card processing (not through horribly restricted third parties as with Binance)
5. Knox Trust (the first ever Trust backed token platform) 
6. Futures
7. Margin trading
8. Lending 
9. Sepa transfers 
10. ACH debits

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The problems with exchanges that investors have to live with should never be an option. Apollo Fintech will need a reliable exchange for their partners (government and commercial companies) and consumers to access around the clock. Apollo Knox will be the central liquidity point for the company. Knox is coming with everything you could find on Binance, Coinbase, and all other cryptocurrency exchanges combined. But the good news is that Knox will steal the show because of its ease of access to the unlimited funds on demand.
Aren’t you happy to know that you can trade and conduct business on a platform that is well represented by a reputable company? Look around you today. How many exchanges went out of business because of misrepresentations? Apollo Knox will be the safest exchange on the planet. And, it is just around the corner.

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