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Direct Apollo Partnership And Use Cases

Idax CEO vanished? Here Is How Apollo Plans to Protect Their Investors

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We are humans, and there are thousands of risks around us as we travel through this world with our precious lives. One of the biggest risks of something happening to us is trusting our fellow humans.

We’ve come to a point where it’s a risk to share private keys with our partners. The same the partners we boldly and eagerly said I do too. The same partners we share our beds with and who takes care of us when we’re ill. We don’t trust the people amongst us, but we are consciously trusting strangers with our personal information and earnings. Are cryptocurrencies exchanges CEO’S our friends? If not, then why trust them?

A cryptocurrency exchange may more than likely have one person in charge of the exchange keys that is worth millions or potentially billions in digital assets. The minute that exchange CEO pulls an Indax (CEO disappears), your dreams are shattered. They may or may not locate the Indax CEO, and even if they do find him and pass him through the court system, he may not release the keys. That is how risky and sad it is to be investing this early in the new digital asset class. But it doesn’t have to be that way if you do your research and do it diligently. There is no room for negligence.

By: Gray Roth
By: Gary Browning

The Apollo Foundation has a plan. A plan that is working in the background and will soon blossom. Apollo has a strategy. A strategy that no other platform is implementing. Apollo is taking care of business. The kind of business that will set them apart like a beacon sustaining itself with renewable energy.

The Foundation created a decentralized exchange that is currently in beta testing mode. They’ll soon release a centralized exchange for reliability, sustainability, and efficiency. That exchange will have pairings that will make the lives of their investors easy. Therefore, if you reside in an Apollo partner country, you’ll be able to purchase on the Apollo exchange while using your local currency pairs. It’s that simple. That’s in preparation for mass adoption. As an investor, if you look around you, I’m sure you’ll not find another platform that cares this much about their investors. And that’s not all because they are also working on a Coinbase-like exchange that will serve the general public. That’s what you call mass adoption, and it is exciting.


So, the Foundation did their groundwork in planning and implementing. The control measures will be taken away from the main body. It will be a complete team with different management taking care of business and providing investors with safe grounds to happily invest without fears. In my opinion, it is a system that is better than the United States constitution because there won’t be an override to decisions.

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