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Huawei Malaysia Tweeted Apollo and CTO J. Sebastiao

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Huawei Malaysia Tweeted for the first time in crypto history while mentioning any digital asset. Technically, the tweet was in favor of Apollo Currency and Apollo Advisor Jorge Sebastiao, who is a Huawei Technologies CTO stationed in Dubai. A May 3rd, 2019, a Business Insider article stated that “Huawei, the Chinese tech giant embroiled in controversy, just overtook Apple to become the second-largest smartphone maker. Huawei has surpassed Apple to become the No. 2 smartphone vendor worldwide, according to a new report. Huawei is thriving as global smartphone sales are continuing to decline.”

Apollo is the only All-in-One platform with the most features in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. They have maximum security and is a 3rd Generation blockchain surpassing Bitcoin, Tron, BCH, BSV, Ripple and XRP, ETH, and all other cryptocurrency platforms. Huawei Malaysia, specifically mentioning Apollo Currency is a boost to Apollo (APL), and generally a victory for cryptocurrencies.

What are the possibilities from here? For quite some time, Apollonauts wondered if the world was not recognizing the Apollo team’s efforts and achievements. Now, this is another confirmation that the Apollo Foundation (Fintech) technology will speak for itself. Some previous confirmations that slipped under the radar were the ADF Group partnership, the development of the impossible sharding technology, and the MoU with the Government of Lesotho. At this moment and going forward, anything is possible. That means it is not impossible to see a partnership with these two phenomenal technology companies.

Newswire December 20, 2019, mentioned, “Jorge adds unprecedented expertise in blockchain security to the Apollo Team,” says Steve McCullah, director of business development. “His contributions have the potential to make Apollo not only the safest blockchain on the market but one of the only quantum-proof blockchains.”

Apollo Currency is a long-term hold for investors because of their roadmap plans, the potential of the platform, Apollo Africa Team, and the team dedication. Director of Business Development, Steve McCullah, confidently told Apollonauts that what they have in plan for the next few months will change the way blockchain is looked at globally.


Apollo is the new kid that all cryptocurrency and blockchain investors should have in their portfolio if they are interested in what technology could do to improve lives. Apollonauts have numerous things to be excited over, and this is a big one that is resonating through the Apollo camp.

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