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How To Use Apollo Fintech Investment Platform

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Investing In Apollo APL and GSX Made Simple. Is Instant Invest for you?


Click on the Stratus link above.. 

Sign up to Stratus

Click on wallet icon next to username above right. Or, select wallet from menu on the left.

Fund or replenish your wallet

Click on Investments from the drop-down menu on the left.

Click on buy under Apollo APL 

Put in the amount of cash you wish to use from your wallet balance. 

You have options to buy the maximum or minimum amount.

If you select max, you’ll purchase with all your cash balance.

If you choose minimum (min) you can punch in the amount of cash you wish to use

If you have an Apollo APL wallet, you can copy and paste it into the wallet address space. When you purchase, it will go directly to your APL wallet.

If you do not enter a wallet address, your purchased APL will remain where you can see it daily as you log into Stratus. 

Stratus Instant Invest is built for mass adoption and for those not wishing to trade on exchanges. 

You can buy and sell APL on Stratus at any given time.

Very simple and very fast.

Stratus Instant Invest is for the average Ann and Stacy who wants to get in on a piece of the action without hassles of KYC and transferring coins to exchanges.

Happy Hunting and Investing.

If you wish to open an Apollo APL wallet, see the YouTube videos below: 

How to create An Apollo APL Standard Wallet

How to Verity Apollo Wallet

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Dave Fehr
Dave Fehr
July 5, 2021 6:36 pm

Go go go go!!

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