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How Apollo Fintech will Benefit Africa and the World

How Apollo Fintech will Benefit Africa and the World

CEO, Steve McCullah of Apollo Fintech, started his journey to discover Africa many years ago. He was not entirely successful because of hiccups and miscommunication along the way. Today, his journey continues, and he’s guiding the development of technology that could tremendously benefit all African nations economically.

The Apollo Fintech team intentionally created the Apollo technology to change the lives of all nationalities, especially those from third world countries. Third world countries are rich with minerals and other natural resources and should not be enduring poverty at such a high level. As an example, Zimbabwe is rich with gold, Nigeria with oil, Lesotho with gold and diamonds.

The situation that is costing those nations a chunk of their wealth is access to technology that eventually will encourage production and accountability. Another point worthy of sticking in on this topic is the fees third world countries pay for transferring funds. The cost is ridiculously high, it takes away the value of transferred funds, and it discourages ex-pats and immigrants from assisting family and friends back at home.

The Apollo Fintech technology under the leadership of Steve McCullah will address those grave situations for the benefit of ordinary people. They are strategically working side by side with the African Development Fund Group to introduce Apollo Fintech’s cutting-edge technology on a 3rd generation blockchain to all fifty-four African nations. The plan which is progress and already yielding success is the first of its kind in the financial technology ecosystem. The Apollo Fintech company has products to accurately record and prevent tax evasion, to allow faster and safer remittances, mineral claims, and much more. It is a complete package for every unique situation. Utilizing Apollo Fintech’s products will cost a tiny, or practically an unnoticeable fraction of what those countries are currently losing hourly to plan, implement, control, and reap endless rewards.

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In recent developments, Steve McCullah said:

I want to give you all an update.

We are waiting for approval of our press release, and unfortunately because of the number of channels that approval has to go through it is taking longer than we would like.

One of the benefits of being in the Telegram community is that you get to hear news first.

What will happen is I will go ahead and give you a piece of the information and everyone will get the last half when it is announce on Twitter.

First half of the Announcement:

We have signed an agreement to develop, implement and maintain a National Payment Platform and National Commodity Exchange. Development has started on both, and each will be implemented in collaboration with a government owned corporation.

The core of this payment platform, as of now, will be a redeemable gold backed Apollo asset, referred to as Gold Standard Currency (GSC). The system will not only run on Apollo’s blockchain but, as of now, every transaction fee will be paid in APL.

By combining the absolute stability of gold, the uncompromising security of blockchain, and coupling those with SMS send, NFC cards, physical redeemability, mobile apps, QR codes, physical locations, and more, you get the most powerful, most advanced and most secure payment system on the planet.

This is will be the first Nation that we will be implementing this system.

Countries plugged into the Apollo ecosystem circuit has the most to benefit from financial technology. Economies will noticeably rise, and lives will improve financially, mentally, and physically because of increase funding in the health industry. Therefore, what they have started, or planning to initiate, will benefit all departments. The result of financial technology will increase economic competition between the underdeveloped and the developed nations.

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