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GSX Stablecoin Sale by Apollo Fintech Underway

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GSX is Apollo Fintech’s Stablecoin that will grow in value as they acquire valuable assets such as lands for mining precious metals. Apollo’s mass plans as an All-in-One is the only platform that does it all and provides products for governments, commercial companies, and consumers under one roof.

We will provide excerpts from the GSX white paper that has all the detail. Note that the GSX website will provide more information starting on Monday, 29th, 2020. If you have questions, you should immediately visit their white paper where you’ll find information on how GSX works. Below you’ll find some quick questions and answers coming directly from Apollo’s CEO, Steve McCullah.

Bonus GSX for Apollo Currency holders?

The Backings

“Apollo Fintech owns the rights to 3,700+ acres of platinum and gold-rich land on the territory of Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe has the second-largest gold reserves per square kilometer in the world, with 13 million tonnes of proven reserves, of which only 580 tonnes have been exploited since 1980. The mining of these precious metals will be the primary function of the company. Gold mining and expansion of the Apollo Fintech’s infrastructure within Zimbabwe will directly positively affect the growth rate and the stability of GSX.”

The Base

“GSX coin holders will be passive investors, which won’t directly affect the company’s decision, but have rights through a trust to its largest asset, it’s gold-rich land. If the rights to this land are ever sold, GSX holders will be the sole recipients of the proceeds. Furthermore, the company will reinvest half of its net income in gold to increase the value of GSX. Independent international third parties will regularly audit the amount of gold that the company owns.”

The Beauty of GSX

“Possession of GSX means that the holder also owns the rights to the mining company, mine, refinery built, all equipment and the precious metal-rich land. This asset will be audited by a geologist to support the company’s claims regarding its value. This audit will be available to the public.”


“One of the main reasons for choosing blockchain as a foundation for a company’s own asset is that blockchain grants a possibility to have transparent operations due to its distributed nature.”

“Apollo Fintech will regularly attract third parties to audit the organization’s gold holding, so holders of GSX and potential investors could have updated information regarding the valuation. These audits will be transparent and available for all market participants. The initial coin price that will be established during coin distribution will be based on the report by an accredited geologist on the land rights controlled by Apollo Fintech and owned by GSX holders, the estimated value of the mining company, mining operation, the setup of its refinery and any applicable assets that will be included in the GSX trust.”

Maintains Value

“The created crypto asset has a mechanism similar to a stable coin. In contrast to typical stable coins, GSX has a unique mechanism to increase its value due to the company’s investment in infrastructure, gold-rich land, and precious metals. For investors, this means that the value of the coin can never be lower than the value of the backing of GSX, which will continuously GSX is an internal tool that will be designed to provide all financial interactions within the company, including the payment of dividends to the holders of GSX.”

View: Apollo Fintech GSX documents.

In contrast to typical stable coins, GSX has a unique mechanism to increase its value due to the company's investment in infrastructure, gold-rich land, and precious metals. Click To Tweet

View: Apollo GSX, Airdrop and Bounty

Bonus GSX for Apollo Currency holders?

Questions, Answers and Comments

So start price is .046

With 70% bonus during presale. The bonus will go down every two day.

This is a big bonus!

For a short time.

Can we purchase GSX with debit card?

You will be able to, hopefully this week.

So when will APL holders recieve GSX coin if this ends in 118 days or less?

We’ll announce our first airdrop this next week.

Ok thanks I have come across the website for GSX but I can’t see any documentation or white paper?

Whitepaper is under whitepaper link.

50% of what is not sold of that 10 billion will be immediately burned.The other 50% that is not sold will be used by us to increase the value of GSX if it’s necessary. We may also burn that. Click To Tweet

The whitepaper says 10B for distribution during the CDE, meaning presale and IEO. The remaining 20B is owned by aplfintech and locked for a year. Check the whitepaper; everything is well spelt out there.

Because we are now doing dividends, what will happen is 10 billion is up for grabs. 50% of what is not sold of that 10 billion will be immediately burned.
The other 50% that is not sold will be used by us to increase the value of GSX if it’s necessary. We may also burn that.

So the value at the end will increase not only from new assets, but also the burn

Does it mention anything about funds raised will also be used for marketing Apollo and exchange listings ?

This won’t be specified on the GSX page because it really affects Apollo holders. We have chart of what it should be applied to but we wanted to see how much we raised toward the start so we could make it accurate.

I was under the impression that GSX was made to help with funding further projects and get Apollo on more exchanges and help with marketing I thought that might of been mentioned.

This is correct, and to push Apollo’s utility.

It will also push the gold refining and many aspects of the revenue generations of GSX that all gos into APL as dividends.

When distributing?

Distribution will happen at two different points. At the half way point and at the end. You will have your account until then. We will be lining up new exchanges for APL and GSX at the same time.

Other then Knox who will be the first to list GSX ? Is that information available?

GSX dividends will go to purchase APL, so it will pump APL constantly. APL forgers get APL from GSX transactions. They both really supercharge each other.

Steve McCullah:

“So we already have a mine under a subsidiary, it’s 100% operational.

We are putting it into the trust also, along with the Apollo Fintech mining company and 3,700 acres of incredibly rich gold and platinum rich land.”

GSX can be held in the Apollo wallet?

Yes! You will put in your APL wallet and it will be sent there when distribution starts

GSX is a stable coin .. wont go down like APL did lol.

With a significant bonus.

It has not only companies, assets and land going into a trust that the coin holder owns, with more and more land and gold being added all the time, and it has dividends paid directly to the holder.

Not that it can’t go below that, but anyone would be crazy to sell below it.

How would people dump Apl for GSX wouldn’t the Apollo go to in exchange for GSX ? If anything people may dump apl now for btc to buy gsx.

We are going to add it, but it was left off at the beginning for that reason.

So I bought some eth then sent to gsx wallet address and it’s going to show up in my Apollo wallet right? Am I missing something?

It will only be sent out during our distribution which will happen about half way through. Just put your APL wallet in there and we will get it to you as soon as we start the first distribution to GSX buyers.

Oh so my gsx account shows a balance do I have to send to my wallet or does it do it automatically?

Just put in your Apollo wallet address and when the distribution happens it will be sent. You will need to complete your KYC before then but you have time and it’s quick. Glad you guys like the style, our social media ecosystem will be in a similar style.


“We’ll launch the Facebook/Twitter/PayPal platform very soon”

Hello, when will be distribution?

There will be one half way through the CDE and one at the end. If we get a push for one sooner we will. But you will have GSX in your Apollo Fintech web wallet regardless. What the distribution does is transfers it to your specified Apollo wallet.

I really think people are selling apl for gsx at least some people…

APL is the cornerstone of everything we are doing and has the highest chance to shoot up drastically.

GSX should certainly have more stable growth and it should be consistent but APL has the best chance for a breakout and to go up substantially.

Looking to buy gsx in the presale. Doing KYC now. Can I use my coinbase ethereum wallet for setting up my paying wallet?

We will add this to the new FAQ. As long as it doesn’t take some out of the balance being sent it’s ok. But many exchanges take the fee from the balance sent, so if coinpayments needs exactly 0.03124 bitcoin and they take out .001 then it won’t show up on coinpayments (our payment system).


“Also, the question regarding the claim info.

We have all the claims and trust info coming. The trust has been filed and it should show up this week. So we will display that trust when it’s public.

We will also give the company names and information on that. We are creating a documents page.

We are working now to acquire twice as much land, we have all paperwork filed and all the backing so it should come out at anytime as well”

We have all the claims and trust info coming. The trust has been filed and it should show up this week. So we will display that trust when it’s public. Click To Tweet

Steve: “We are working with exchanges now to set up an IEO for regional sales! Korea, Japan, etc..”

Let’s talk about the Apollo GSX in the forum. If you have more questions, feel free to ask here.

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July 1, 2020 4:13 pm

Wish to buy GSX, am new to this and saw we can buy with debit card. I do not see that option.

July 2, 2020 10:22 am
Reply to  gregpeck


July 6, 2020 8:40 am
Reply to  gregpeck

great thanks


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Rafael Taylor
Rafael Taylor
August 18, 2020 6:21 pm

I havent received my gsx but was told there was an air drop, how will I know when I’ll actually get it?


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