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Gold Inc. Up To Challenge MMOs Big Bucks

Gold Inc. beta testing is around the corner for the most innovative and most challenging game in the history of MMO. While it will be entertaining, players will score big bucks for mining gold however they want too and whenever they have time to spare.

Here are a few things you should know about Gold Inc. before it is released.

The game is the first to be on the Apollo All-in-One blockchain.
Players will need an Apollo Currency wallet.
Gold Inc. is back by two multi-billion-dollar mines, and they are established and trusted companies.
June 1st, 2020 is the scheduled beta testing date that players can start registering.
It has been in the making for approximately four years by top MMO industry developers.
Apollo Telegram community will have the first opportunity to register before the link is published elsewhere.
Beta testers will register individually because an agreement is needed for the trial.
The company will allow somewhere around 2000 to 2500 testers.
There could be up to 55 members to an alliance.
There could also be solo players.
Alliances will have leaders.
Players will have individual rank and stats.
Enjoy playing on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Mobile versions will be on App Store and Play Store.
Refined gold will be Gold Bar (a gold certificate backed by real gold) in the Apollo wallet, a stable coin like USDT, and it will be tradeable on exchanges.
All fees are in Apollo Currency APL. Sign up here for the Apollo Knox exchange.
When you acquire land, you own the property.
Silver, Titanium, and Palladium is also mineable. Redeemable gemstones are in the plans.
When you grow in resources on the game, your real-life resources grows.
Mining will take an estimated 5 to 10 years. There are lots of benefits for early players.
The alliance that controls the Trade Center will make 5% of all gold sold in the region. That could be millions of dollars in the future.
Alliances will have to use military might and strategy to acquire the Trade Center.
There will be business opportunities such as weapons manufacturers, managing a military company, or an oil supplier.
The net worth displayed in the game is the real figure.
The gold value will be 0.02 cents in the beginning.
Most of all, Gold Inc. is free to play.
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