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Direct Apollo Partnership And Use Cases

Forging Apollo Currency Will Be More Profitable Than Bitcoin Mining

Most people spent months and years trying to find a passive income stream, that, only a hand full of people mastered in comparison to our global population. Apollo Fintech and the Apollo Foundation are gem pots boiling over with goodies that can enhance your life financially and mentally.

Apollo has a Forging feature that is much more economical than mining Bitcoins that which requires expensive equipment and lots of electricity.

According to Apollo wiki, “Forging is the activity to make passive income with the Apollo block-chain. In the POW environment the block-chain is secured by the miner, and they will be adding a new block to the block-chain and make sure of its integrity. In the POS environment, this activity is done by what we called forging. Users use their APL balances to confirm a transaction and add a new block to the block-chain providing the network with the security and resources needed.” It went on to say, “Note: the web wallet does not require the user to keep their browser open, but it requires the user to send his/her passphrase to the node.”

Anyone can forge Apollo since the requirements are a balance of over 1000 APL, a computer, or a cellphone accessible to the internet. In theory, here is how David Kelly, an Apollo community member breakdown passive income by forging. Check Apollo community for forging pools.

“I’m going to round all the numbers off to make it easy.
Steve said fees would be 5/10c. So if we take the lower number, which is 5c, and if we have 20m wallets and they make five transactions each day, that’s 100,000,000 transactions at 5c each, which equals $5m that can are forgeable. Now we have 21b coins if you have 10,000,000, that into 21b goes 2100 times. To round things off and make it a bit easier, that would give you one 2000th of total supply. So on average, each day, you should forge one 2000th of all transaction fees, and one 2000th of $5m equals $2.5k daily.
Factually, not everyone will forge, and some APL will be held on payment cards or SMS phones with no internet, and that will boost the amount we forge. The figures I gave you were if every holder forges but on another note that not every person in a 3rd world country will have a wallet. I just chose five transactions as an average. Each person could make more or less, but this is only one country and only one platform. According to Steve, he’s talking to 10+ countries, and we could have 12 different platforms in each country. Not having a national currency but having a currency platform with transaction fees that can be forged has done us a huge favor as holders. The vast majority won’t cash in at their goals but hold for a massive passive income. Me personally I will cash out a million when it makes me financially secure and keep the rest for forging.
For an 11k investment in the future, you could have a yearly passive income of $912.5 k if we get mass adoption.
Now we enter the realms of institutional investors, and they like to make between 7 and 10%; therefore, we will take the higher number 10%.
If they can make $912.5 k a year from 10m coins, they should be willing to pay $9.1m for those 10m coins, which would make APL worth 91c each and seriously limiting our supply driving the price up further.

Apollo is on the road to success in a fashion never seen before in any industry. From the birth of the platform to this day, it has accomplished much more than any other digital assets platform. The Apollo community is currently awaiting some exciting adoption announcements from the Commercial Bank of Zimbabwe (CBZ), a new sovereignty United Allied States (the UAS), Gold Inc. MMO game, and the Apollo Social Ecosystem. All of those should be out within days to weeks.

It will be rewarding for Apollo holders to use their wallets. Ultimately, forging with 1 million or less APL will yield great rewards in the long run when millions of wallets open on the Apollo blockchain. 

Let us know what you about Apollo forging possibilities on Twitter.

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