Thu. Jan 21st, 2021


Direct Apollo Partnership And Use Cases

Expert Insights to Apollo Fintech Road to Adoption

Residing in a world that will soon rise because of technology innovations, Steve McCullah expertly shared important information demonstrating his knowledge of business development. Steve is currently in Africa, where he is frequently communicating with heads of governments of nations around Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

Steve said, “We are in meetings even today with a presidential family. Africa is going great.

The statement “this is a coin that will be used in all 54 African countries” (referring to Akon Coin statement) is silly. Bitcoin is used in all 54 countries already by a small number of people. The problem is the average person can’t get it and every country is regulated so the average person can’t buy with cash. 

Almost all transactions happen through cash in Africa or its digital equivalent. 

Number one, you need a perfectly sustainable blockchain or advanced DLT to handle even a tiny fraction of one nation daily transaction. 

Number two, even if you have number one, you have to have a way for them to exchange on the ground or it’s completely useless.

Number three, even if you have number one and two it’s completely worthless if you don’t have government support because it will be taken over or stopped.

Number four, even if you have all those and no SMS or physical capabilities it’s all pointless. If most people can’t use it merchants won’t accept it, if merchants won’t accept it won’t even start to be used.

The Apollo Fintech team has been in the background developing technology and keeping a low profile for too long. Over the last three months, they became more vocal as to who they are and what they intend to do in the digital assets ecosystem.

When asked by community member Steverg, “How about a simple passcode for transactions under 500$ everything else is normal?


Steve replied, “We are going way beyond that. This is part of our products coming out, and I wasn’t going to make it public yet, but not only do we have a simple wallet coming that makes things super-fast. We also have an SMS system and physical options that makes the current systems look like a Mensa IQ test.

I live in Africa at the moment, we eat, breath and live Africa. You can’t come up with a solution unless you do. These options are ridiculous because just having an app will lead to no adoption at all. If the majority of the population can’t use it then it’s not going to catch on.”

In terms of readiness to dominate the crypto, digital finance and blockchain space, Steve confidently expressed Apollo Fintech ability to change business practices with new technology.

Steve McCullah:

Biometric instant transfer cards, no password for any size of transaction.

SMS send and receive which I don’t believe anyone does with crypto because it’s very complex to develop.

None of these Africa options (other digital assets) have any chance. They have no government support and are just tossing a coin out and hoping for the best with only methods to access that no one can use.

We are taking what is out there and going 100 steps ahead.

We have all four (SMS, QR Code, Biometric instant transfer cards, simple wallets) and we are coming in hot.

This is a sms send. But we will have messaging systems and gobs of goodies in the works that I would personally be offended to have compared to anything else. These people don’t know Africa, and if they do, they are just trying to make easy money

You wonder why it’s taking so long, because we are working to change the world, not just compete with what is out there.

Every new member that comes to Apollo wonders why APL price is at the level it is and so cheap with all that the platform offers and the continued developments. That will soon change because Apollo Fintech will gain more recognition by governments on several continents.

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