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Direct Apollo Partnership And Use Cases

China's Digital Currency vs The UAS GSC

Crypto adoption is soaring, and the world we know will not be the same in just five years from today. Apollo Fintech is positioning itself up against China and other nations for swift mass adoption of state-owned digital assets. 

Unlike the United States and some big nations in the world, China is flying away with blockchain adoption. Some of the latest news releases from the mainland suggest that China plans to dominate the blockchain industry like they’re currently doing with the manufacturing industry. The new Digital Currency Electronic Payment (DC/EP) on their Blockchain Service Network gained instant recognition by financial institutions and other sectors. But, will China be the first to launch a state-backed CBDC? Apollo Country Initiatives

During the last few weeks, Apollo Fintech announced that a new country will use their blockchain to host their digital assets and that every citizen will need an Apollo wallet. The name of the new motherland is the United Allied States or UAS. While the location is unknown, they are planning on launching their website just within a few weeks, according to the word coming out from the Apollo Telegram. That indicates the UAS position on the horizon, set and ready for the global stage.

General InformationChinaUnited Allied States
Headquarters locationBeijing, ChinaUnknown, Africa
PresidentXi JinpingUnknown
FoundedOctober 1, 1949Unknown
LegislatureNational People's CongressUnknown
MilitaryPeople's Liberation Army; People's Armed Police; MilitiaUnknown
Population1,439,323,776 peopleUnknown
Digital CurrencyDC/EPGSC
Image By: Gary Browning

Unlike China restructuring to accommodate the implementation of digital dollars, the United Allied States building on Apollo blockchain technology from the very beginning. That will give the UAS a steep advantage in speed and accuracy while implementing their technology. 

The Apollo blockchain is the most feature-rich in the ecosystem. It has the fastest speed, it is sustainable, and the only blockchain with Database Sharding technology. That means it will never suffer from bloat that which affects the scalability of Ethereum. Together with Apollo’s blockchain, they have a unique system primed for mass adoption. The system is a combination of platforms such as the Apollo DEX, two CEX (Knox Pro and Knox Global), Apollo Foundation where you find all features and wallets, and Apollo Fintech’s platform with government, commercial, and consumers products.

The UAS made the best choice of selecting the Apollo blockchain since it is the only company that is ready for mass adoption of this magnitude.

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