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Direct Apollo Partnership And Use Cases

Some rocketing days, weeks, and months are ahead for the Apollo Foundation (Fintech) and their faithful Apollonauts who believe in the Apollo technology. In what will be an epic journey filled with expectations and deliveries, there would never be anything like what you’re about to witness coming from the Apollo Team.

Gary Browning

Apollo is about to restore faith, optimism, and trust in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. The new digital asset class, although it has taken a blow in the last two years since all-time highs in early 2018, performed better than all other asset classes last year. But, some top assets such as VET, XLM, TRX, ETH, and bridge coin XRP have not recovered from the drop in comparison to where they once peaked. One platform, the Apollo Foundation (Fintech), has an answer for digital assets to maintain their value.

The Foundation will soon demonstrate responsible administrative skills, technical skills and development, financial strategies, and sustainability initiatives to the blockchain industry. Something that has been in the shadows of other major platforms that have been around for more than five years. Significant and noticeable changes are coming from the “Big A” (Apollo) corner that will reenergize blockchain prospects.

On Friday, January 10, 2020, Steve McCullah touched base like he always does, and it was another enlightening AMA style session. Apollonauts were interested in knowing more about the much anticipated CEX, such as fees, availability in regions around the world, and the withdrawal process.

MMO Game Preview of What Will Be a Massive Run Up for Apollo

Steve did touch on the Idax exchange topic within the last month when questioned about the CEO disappearance with investors’ funds. The team decided to work around the exchange misery and create a way for their investors to experience autonomy when doing transactions. It is a much-needed step, and the Apollo community will forever appreciate the thoughts and execution of the team. Apollo Centralized Exchange will lift APL higher and have a much bigger positive result on the price than past releases.

Every blockchain project would like to do what Steve said, “move away from market waves and establish strong demand through use cases.” Steve was referring to the market pattern that when bitcoin moves up, other cryptos move along with the wave. Apollo Fintech will focus on use cases that will put them in control of the wheel and not depend on the market the way it is today. Investors are aware of cryptocurrency volatility and unpredictable cycles that increase risk. Apollo will be the first to develop use cases that will decrease that risk and set them apart from the massive crypto cycles.

APL is an amazing coin with a lot of potentials. The single most distinguishable factor hindering the Apollo currency market value is the lack of big exchanges. Apollo Foundation applied to Binance months ago and is still awaiting an acceptance notice. The process is slow and is getting old. It’s time to move on and do what it takes to achieve specific goals. An exchange that will serve most countries, has excellent customer service and does KYC within a few minutes will touchdown Apollo on the moon. The CEX may not be the cheapest but the Apollo community will cherish it wholeheartedly.

When an investor makes a transaction and then has to transfer from one exchange to the next for fiat withdrawal, that investor has to pay exchange fees and will lose time waiting for confirmation. The CEX will eliminate other exchange fees, and in turn, save investors financially and emotionally.

Investors will withdraw funds from any geographical location, according to Steve McCullah, Apollo’s Business Development Director. Investors from the USA, especially New York City, often stress the difficulties of investing from that State. They’ll be happy with Apollo CEX.

With Apollo, everyday something new develops. The team is working tirelessly on several techs, and the community is engaged with every step they take. Apollo is heading in the right direction, and it will soon be the talk of every crypto channel on social networks, and YouTube. Apollo Fintech is getting out of the waves. They have identified a way out with use cases and their many features.

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