Fri. Jan 22nd, 2021


Direct Apollo Partnership And Use Cases

Breaking News: Apollo Fintech Has Arrived At The Apollo Platform


Under the leadership of Viktor Konovalov – Apollo Director of Brand Development, Steve McCullah – Apollo Business Development Director, Jorge Sebastiao – CTO at Huawei and Apollo Technology Advisor (Blockchain Security), and Sergey Rokhvarg – Apollo CTO, Apollo is now universally known as Apollo Fintech.

Finances Online: “Fintech is the term that describes the group of new financial technologies designed to enhance and automate the use and delivery of financial services. It is changing how we save, borrow, and invest money by making digital financial transactions easier and simpler, without the need for a traditional bank.”

Just a day or two ago, Apollo Business Development Director, Steve McCullah did a mini AMA on the Apollo Telegram social network. He promised nothing, but hours later he mentioned, “We are officially moving to Apollo Fintech this week. Announcement coming, new logo, new structure.” That is the kind of bullish news the Apollo community was awaiting heading into the holidays and for the starting of the new year. Apollo Fintech will make a difference in financial technology evolution. Apollo Fintech blockchain has sharding, DEX, maximum security, and speed capabilities, and a lot of useful features on their Apollo 3rd Generation blockchain.

PWC: “Startups use technology to offer existing financial services at lower costs, and to offer new tech-driven solutions. Incumbent financial firms look to acquire or work with startups to drive innovation. Technology companies provide payment tools. These can all be seen as FinTech.”

Once again, Apollo is starting the year on high notes. Last year they were on the top platform in GitHub activities rating and made several world-class advancements with their technology. They obtained an endorsement from the ADF Group “as the only and obvious choice with regard to cryptocurrency and its application in an African perspective, to form a partnership and integrate into the ADF’s involvement in the African continent.” Due to the ADF Partnership, Apollo secured a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) partnership with the Government of Lesotho for all government systems. Moving to FinTech was a decision based on future partnerships and current demands from investors in the financial industry. There are many countries initiatives already started in Apollo’s quest to host national currencies on its blockchain. Some of those countries are Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Sierra Leone, and Egypt.

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Investopedia:If one word can describe how many fintech innovations have affected traditional trading, banking, financial advice, and products, it’s ‘disruption,’ like financial products and services that were once the realm of branches, salesmen and desktops move toward mobile devices or simply democratize away from large, entrenched institutions.”

Fintech Finance: One of the key benefits of FinTech is the fact that it can speed up procedures which normally take quite a long time to get completed. In fact, Financial Technology can make the approval for things such as finance and insurance up to five times quicker in some situations. 

This means that most processes in which a consumer has to apply and has to wait for approval are made significantly shorter and are normally completed in 24 hours. This is simply impossible if FinTech isn’t utilized in the process. 

From the start of Apollo’s history, their plan was and still is to replace the need for multiple platforms to do simple tasks. As blockchain develops, sectors are discovering more uses for the technology. Blockchain is in its infancy stage, according to experts in the new digital assets class. Apollo is taking the lead. Their 2020 roadmap is by far the most exciting document when compared to all other platforms in the space. While the community awaits more updates within the following days, many social networks are flooding the waves with the Apollo Fintech bold moves.

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