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Direct Apollo Partnership And Use Cases

Apollo’s Big News Much Bigger Than Expected

The day is not over as yet, and the amount of information we have is much more than expected. For this news update, we’ll share with you details directly from Steve McCullah, Apollo Director of Business Development. In our other articles, Dapucases will dive deeper into every line.

Steve: What about a replacement to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, PayPal, Coinbase, Binance, Instagram and Telegram?

4:15 PM Est.

One of the reasons we make a point to release information into the community via Telegram before releasing it officially is not just because we want to give you all an incentive to utilize our Telegram community, it’s because we
believe that our most dedicated community members deserve to benefit from their patience and support.

4:20 PM Est.

The new Website release date is scheduled for February 7th!

Knox, our cutting edge CEX, is schedule to go live February 15th!

We will be sharing screenshots of both today, but this is not the most exciting element of the evening.

4:26 PM Est.

Keep in mind that although Knox CEX development is now complete, from now until February, we will be finalizing its branding, QA and finalizing its IOS and Android apps.

These screenshots are not final, Knox branding will replace the Apollo branding and a number of changes will happen. This, however, offers a glimpse into the UI and user experience of the apps coming.

4:27 PM Est.

4:36 PM Est.

This next announcement is the grand finally to tonight, and the reason for the occasion. It is something I have personally been waiting 4 years to make public.

You will soon be able to truly understand our unwavering personal confidence in our success, and why we have focused on the long term intently.

There is a reason this has not been talked about until now. This vision is not something that could not be expressed well before its first phases were complete, because many would simple not believe it to be possible.

*Special Announcement*

The new Apollo Fintech website will be revealed on February, 7th 2020!

*Special Announcement*

The new Apollo Exchange will be revealed on February, 15th 2020!


5:48 pm Est.

We understand the competition in the centralized application market, we know that to make it you have to either fill a niche or offer more than your competitors. We set out to do both.

The reason we have not announced this before now is because it is something that needs to shown rather than talked about.

Phase one is set to be completed this quarter. This inositol phase currently includes the functionality of many mainstream platforms including, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Coinbase, Binance, and PayPal. The ecosystem will be expanded from this to include many mainstream services, all built around a central platform.

What we have developed is an ecosystem of products, not only replacing the functionality of a number of the worlds most used platforms but making them better. All with Apollo at the center!

Instead of restricting speech and stealing user’s data, as many popular platforms have done, the products in this ecosystem do not record users data and users are free to express their opinions as they choose. Monetization is accomplished in a way that benefits the user instead of taking advantage of them.

Described in the simplest way possible:

The premise to this ecosystem is one account, one KYC, one wallet, and a world of solutions.

Convenience and simplicity are what matter more than anything at this point in time. No one wants to have 5 different accounts on 5 different platforms solely to accomplish the things you need to do on a daily basis. No business wants to keep up with 6 social networks, each with its own account, or manage ad campaigns on multiple platforms.

Furthermore, one wants to put their payment information in 17 times just making travel arrangements to prepare for a week long vacation. Or have to track their flight, hotel info and the shipping status of their Nikon camera in in separate places.

The core of this ecosystem is a robust social network boasting a global ideas platform with even more functionality than Twitter, a video platform that has all of the capabilities of YouTube but with better ways for influencers to monetize, an incredibly feature-rich, people focused networking platform offering Facebook’s functionality with new ways to interact.

This will be the core of a world full of products and services, all utilized to be accessed with one universal account.

To give you an example of why this is powerful, every account on every platform in this ecosystem utilizes the same universal account, same login, same KYC and same universal wallet. Your wallet on Knox exchange is the same as your wallet on the video platform, which is the same as your wallet on the global ideas platform, the payment system and so on. This wallet holds each user’s fiat and crypto balances. So when you create an account on Knox exchange you are also creating an account on every other platform on the ecosystem, when you complete the KYC there you complete it everywhere else, when you deposit in one you can access that balance from all.

So as long as you have funds in your wallet or your payment info plugged into your account, you can send funds or buy anything with one click on every platform instantly.

5:49 PM Est:

This is a comprehensive explanation of the ecosystem, how it works and why it works that way.


5:51 PM Est:

We will be releasing the full details after our website is launched, with the phase one release date following shortly after.

5:54 PM Est.

We will be working with major influencers to migrate from YouTube to this platform. We will be offering revolutionary ways to monetize as an influencer along with platform that will protect the value of their channel.

5:57 PM Est.

Phase one will start there and continuously add more features and services. We will not stop until you are able to complete every task within this platform.

phase one

6:01 PM Est.


What’s the benefit of this ecosystem to the 99% of the population that is outside of crypto space. What is the plan to attract them?


This is built specifically for those 99%, it is built outside of blockchain to reach a mainstream audience and put a crypto wallet in their hand, all with Apollo at its center.

6:09 PM Est.


Just thinking: My KNOX exchange account will share the same user details as my accounts on the other platforms. Right?
Won’t I be using Gmail, yahoo mail, etc to open the KNOX exchange account? Isn’t that a concern given that this one account can access all your funds, other accounts, etc?


Just picture it this way: You an account on Amazon, Binance and Facebook.
You can use your Gmail account to register but you still have to fill in the majority of the information in every case, then you have to fill in your address, identifying information, perform KYC (in Binance for example), and finally all your payment info (attach bank accounts, credit cards, etc) and out then out in your billing information. When your payment info is outdated, or your address changes, you have to change it in each separately.

Then you have to login to each account to check your status in each.

6:10 PM Est.

CM The Stricken 1:

I must admit, I’m NOT a big fan of using “World Trade Center” in association with the CEX.
9/11 was a long time ago but the existence of an ulterior motive might be drawn as well.

I just see it as a possibility that could bring about more hate than Apollo should have to endure.

That is only MY opinion though, 1 voice among 30k.


The name Knox is solidified but the slogan is not. “World Trade Center” is used on more than 370 building projects all around the world, but it is of course also attributed to 9/11. We will most likely use “platform” instead of “center” but this is in the creative process still.

6:30 PM Est.

Albert Mchimich:

we hope the team uses ( % earning of apollo CEX exchange for buyback …..that will help thd coin more!


A big positive regarding our new revenue streams is exactly that, we will be using income to not only buy APL but market it.

6:38 PM Est.


If you can only remember one thing about tonight, please remember this:

The new product is an ecosystem of major platforms and services allowing anyone the ability to use one account, one wallet and one KYC to accomplish what would traditionally require many.

Phase one is planned for launch this quarter and will boast the functionality of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, PayPal. Binance, Coinbase and more.


What did you walk away with from today’s announcements? It is a lot to consume all at once, but that’s how it will be moving forward because of the number of releases coming soon. What you heard or read today came straight from someone you could trust and believe in at any time and with whatever he says.

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