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Direct Apollo Partnership And Use Cases

December 25, 2019

Apollo Currency Roadmap Too Ambitious For Crypto

The Apollo roadmap is the most exciting plan ever created in crypto. The new digital assets class is still maturing, and new use cases and platforms are being born daily. One of the newest technology platforms is the Apollo Foundation (Fintech). Apollo APL is scalable and is the fastest cryptocurrency with a 1-2 seconds transaction speed.

The very first roadmap Apollo Currency (Fintech) publicly rolled out was intentionally deemed a scam. Apollo hit all its targets and created additional features more than any other cryptocurrency platform in the eco-system.

Currently, in Q4 of 2019, the Foundation is working with ten African nations all at once. Apollo rebranding means that it is moving to Apollo Fintech by investors’ demand. Missing from Q4 of 2019 are the two exchanges Apollo currency developers are working on. They are not on the current roadmap because they were late additions for investors.

The roadmap heading into 2020 is much bigger than the previous ones, more exciting, and more decorated with great things to come beginning on January 1st, 2020. Is this roadmap achievable? Is Apollo Currency Roadmap Too Ambitious for Crypto?

Q4 2019
steve tweet

Apollo Business Director of Development, Steve McCullah confidently said: 2020 will be a super year for Apollo Fintech. While researching digital assets to compare with the Apollo 2020 roadmap, it was heartwarming no find an asset that could go head to ahead. Other platforms are bent on striking partnerships with individual companies in industries such as retail, manufacturing, and finance. Some have projects on their roadmap, that according to their GitHub activities, were never completed. Apollo technology is leading and heading to a place that will take light-years for competitors to meet their level. There is no foreseeable time when Apollo will slow down their developments. There are too many opportunities on the horizon that are reachable and achievable for the best coin in cryptocurrencies.

Nigeria’s initiative will start in Q1 of 2020. That will be super big for the foundation. One of the main reasons this will be big is because Africans always compare New York to Nigeria. An initiative and presumably a deal with the Nigerian government will be a storm out of control. That is what investors are interested in when researching the right asset to invest their hard-earned pennies.

Hermes 4.0 is coming in Q2. Apollonauts can expect the long-anticipated smart contracts to be released. Investopedia said, “A smart contract is a self-executing contract with the terms of the agreement between buyer and seller being directly written into lines of code. The code and the agreements contained therein exist across a distributed, decentralized blockchain network. The code controls the execution, and transactions are trackable and irreversible.” There are also three African initiatives scheduled for that quarter. Those are Zambia, Tanzania, and Mozambique. Those three countries have a combined population of 106.24 million people as of 2019 population statistics. If Apollo strikes a deal with those three nations as they did with Lesotho, there would not be enough APL for investors to hold.

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“The main essence of the integration of smart contracts is to provide
new and demanded opportunities to the existing and future community.
Furthermore, it is an additional step towards the creation of the Apollo
all-in-one platform.”

Here’s the 2020 tech document:

There are no African initiatives scheduled for Q3 and Q4, but Apollonauts can expect changes to the roadmap at any moment if government officials call upon the team. Maybe they’ll be initiatives with Asian and Arabic countries by the end of 2020. Steve McCullah did mention that the Apollo foundation (Fintech) national currency initiative is for all countries and not concentrated on Africa alone.

Q3 will be another spectacular quarter with the release with ARKnet 1.0, the DApps platform. Those releases will take Apollo straight to Fintech according to the plan.

“DApps allow decentralizing all data, which makes them immutable and
protected from outside interference. Given the decentralized nature of
these applications and the blockchain data protection mechanisms,
DApps have an almost unlimited variety of applications.
Both smart contracts and ARKnet will add drastic competitive advantages
to Apollo and also expand the application range of both the project and
the platform as a whole.”

Here’s the 2020 tech document:

In Q4, there are a ton of good things happening, and for you to fully understand most of it, you’ll have to read the Apollo 2020 tech document. The real excitement is surrounding the Apollo Cloud and the 1 Million+ transaction per second. A part of the tech document stated that “The Apollo Foundation has analyzed the most popular solutions that
are available on the market and came to the following conclusions:

• There are no fully decentralized data storage solutions on the market;
• The cost of data storage is an entry barrier for those who have a high volume of data;
• Security is the most critical factor for users when choosing a file stoage service.

Apollo with implemented DAG, is an updated platform that intends the following:

• To solve the scalability issues of existing public distributed ledger technologies;
• To distinguish the Apollo platform from the traditional block ledger-based storage infrastructure by employing an improved version of existing DAG-based protocols.
• To theoretically process up to 1 million transactions or more per second.

Here’s the 2020 tech document:


You are encouraged to do your research, especially if you have plans to invest in Apollo (APL). Although Apollo is a 3rd Generation platform, it may not be reflecting in market capitalization or price at present. But, it will get there as you can see with the 2020 roadmap. Remember, there is no other platform with the number of government initiatives, products, and tech releases planned. Apollo will be number one.

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