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Apollo On The Frontline With Steve McCullah's Mission

When Christopher Columbus claimed to have discovered the West Indies and the Americas, sufficient evidence showed that he was determined to complete all missions. Though his voyages in high waves often seemed hopeless, he proceeded with faith and hope. From his first to his last sail that which began on May 11, 1502, to this day he, is remembered. Every child will know of his discoveries centuries from today. Apollo Fintech’s CEO, Steve McCullah’s mission started at a tender age. Like Christopher Columbus, he is making laudable progress as he champions every obstacle and rides all waves along his journey.

The challenges of developing new technologies are overwhelmingly higher than one could imagine. It is a financial strain on resources, and worse of all, the outcome could only be success or disaster, which carries a ton of disappointments on one’s shoulders. The Apollo CEO is capable physically, and he is mentally prepared to take Apollo Fintech further into the future. Never in history, we’ve seen so many cutting-edge technologies consistently being delivered by one company.

It all started with the Apollo vision. And as the Apollo team analyze the current financial situation, they’ve been accurate on future predictions. It all started with leadership, and as Steve said, “You can’t expect the World quickly. Lol

If you read what I have said carefully you will see why we have done some of what we have.

A tech leader recently said a large government Fintech contract, if it’s even obtained, should take approximately 3-7 years. This is accurate. The thing that is different about us, to put it bluntly, is that we aren’t managed by a coder that has spent his life in a dark room, with no experience in international business.

The best Programmers are narrow-minded because they have to be object-oriented. Nothing wrong with that, they are incredibly valuable, probably the most valuable asset in a tech company.

I might be a nerd but part of the reason I believe I have been able to get through obstacles and continue regardless because I grew up as a missionary kid that started my first business internationally at 16 years old. I have been through the ringer more times than I can count. I grew up dealing with problems that most kids haven’t even thought of, from corrupt government officials to thugs as law enforcement. I have been an Entrepreneur ever since and have been fortunate to have been able to work with clients in the US, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa.

I believe the reason there are no successes in major government blockchain projects yet is that if you go about like a programmer you will never get anything more than an MOU, not in Africa especially, but also not in the Middle East or Latin America either. The (honest) truth is even if you do have significant amounts of business experience it takes an iron constitution and significant amounts of out of the box thinking to have any success in Africa.

Perseverance is the most valuable attribute in Africa.

I had to think very differently to make it some of the places we have lived and because of this, I came out thinking very much out of the box. I am very thankful to my parents because they let me deal with obstacles at a young age. I’ve been in the middle of everything from firefights to being accused of being a spy in the jungle. I moved back to the states from one of the poorest countries and most corrupt countries in the Western Hemisphere at 18 years old on my own. All the problems I experienced after this just seemed easy.”

Thinking positively and maintaining honesty outside of the box has propelled Steve McCullah’s image in the crypto community regarding respect. That has also been a motivational factor for the many Apollo Fintech partnerships and contracts on the rise. Together with incomparable technology, leadership, positivity, and thinking outside of the box, Apollo Fintech’s destination is not just a dream or hopes, but a certain completion.

The beauty of Apollo is that everything is covered by one body, the Apollo Fintech company. As an example, Apollo Currency, APL, belongs to Apollo and not a separate entity, unlike Ripple and XRP. Apollo Fintech is the most highly underrated company in the world at present in comparison to all other cryptographic technology platforms. Rest assured, like Christopher Columbus, Apollo sails are up, but Apollo Fintech’s destinations are predestined, and successes prewritten.

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