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Direct Apollo Partnership And Use Cases

Apollo Knox Pro - The Travelocity and Expedia of Blockchain

Apollo Fintech is like a diamond and exotic mineral museum by itself. All you must do to get in is to recognize it for what it is. It’s a place where all your questions are answered, and your problems solved. Video.

If you understand current technology trends and can envision what future tech will look like, you’ll know that nothing is impossible in the field of technology. In the past, CEO Jeff Bezos created Amazon and took advantage of the internet to advertise and market products with a click of a button, all in one place. Today, companies and entrepreneurs market their products on amazon. Travelocity and Expedia also captured our imagination and granted us the power to utilize the internet from any device with an online connection for bookings. Now with Apollo Fintech’s technology and plans, the purchasing of digital assets will soon be done in one place, the Apollo Knox Pro.

When Knox Pro is released, users will be able to choose the best price from over 200 digital assets exchanges, and place orders as they wish too. Knox Pro will be another breakthrough tech under the Apollo umbrella. They’ve been dropping technology approximately every five to eight weeks over the past several months.

The apple in Knox Pro pie is that it will draw the attention of crypto enthusiasts immediately upon release because of global accessibility, best features, smooth navigation, etc. But something worth noting, Apollo Knox Pro will be in a class by itself with an average of $10 Billion in volume. That’s not a drop in a bucket. That is immediately snatching the market and restoring hope to blockchain and digital assets with new technology.

Apollo Fintech must create exchanges because of their future goals. Governments, commercial companies, consumers, and nations will utilize the Apollo blockchain. The company must create a safe sanctuary for its partners, investors, and, most of all, peace of mind. They’ve been innovating and progressing from day one. The Apollo community can now recognize what CEO, Steve McCullah, talked about when in an interview with “New to the Street” over a year ago. In that interview, Steve said, “Apollo will be in every major city on earth.” But as things change, Apollo Currency (APL) will also be in every rural area on planet earth. That is a step up due to the addition of the Apollo Fintech platform, government deals, and Knox centralizes exchanges (CEX).

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At the time of this article, Apollo APL is trading at USD 0.000660 (9.73%) on CoinMarketCap. With a volume of $10 Billion, APL exposure will explode, and it’s expected that APL price will also soar. History has shown that exchange coins tend to perform exceedingly well on the market. Therefore, adding all that Apollo Fintech has to offer, and what they are currently working on, Knox Pro looks like the ticket.

As of now, the Apollo community is awaiting its release, which could be any day. The sneak peeks revealed the first 25 coins. Some of these are XLM, ETC, IOST, TRX, OMG, ADA, DOGE, XRP, and ICX. Trading pairs will include USDT, ETH, BTC, and many more.

Apollo Knox Pro will not just set new standards, but it will enlighten us that the possibilities of technology in the blockchain and crypto ecosystem are infinite.

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