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Apollo GSX, Airdrop and Bounty

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GSX bounty started today, and you do not want to miss this grand opportunity to participate in futuristic technologies in blockchain development. The time has come when stability stands its grounds in a world dominated by unpredictable economic conditions.

What is GSX?

GSX – Gold Secured Currency is the Apollo Fintech’s IEO stable coin currency code, the only stable coin that is worth holding in the crypto arena. According to Steve McCullah, “GSX will rise in value with earnings from this mine and Apollo Fintech and as more gold backs it.”

View: Apollo Fintech GSX documents.

"GSX will rise in value with earnings from this mine and Apollo Fintech and as more gold backs it." Click To Tweet

What mine?

A few weeks ago, the APL community learned that Apollo Fintech was in collaboration with a government to acquire a gold and precious metals mine. That country turned out to be Zimbabwe, where Apollo signed an MoA with the Commercial Bank of Zimbabwe.

Commercial Bank of Zimbabwe (CBZ) Joins Apollo Fintech Platform

May 23rd, 2020, “We just finalized our 3,700+ acre gold and platinum mine in Zimbabwe. In partnership with the government.”

The ownership of this multi-billion dollar claim will be put into a trust and applied to GSX. So GSX holders will have ownership of the claim.

The size of the land acquired is 37,000+ acres, and gold mined here will be audited, and stored in a bank with maximum security. Therefore, GSX will have an asset-backed value from the very beginning, and it will be the only stable coin that rises in value and maintains that value. Built on the Apollo blockchain, “GSX is being set up to power Apollo, and push it light years ahead.”

From Steve:

Please keep in mind that this is a stable coin only in the way that it will have a minimum value of assets backing it, so it’s the best of both worlds because it has a base asset value, and it will go up from there.

It’s also an initial offering coin, which means that it will represent Apollo Fintech company in a digital format, the same as any ICO. Does that mean it’s a legal share in Apollo Fintech in Hong Kong or the UAS? No, for a private company that would be very difficult as it’s shares are written on a piece of paper in a gov office, so it can’t be decentralized. Like all ICOs, every token does represent Apollo Fintech as a corporation, and we will never create anymore over that supply. We will also never do another ICO or IPO. As our only public offering, this will be the only way that people can take a major part in Apollo Fintech. 

To answer what the immediate backed value would be, if the entire real value of the precious metal-rich land, the land we have acquired through government, backs the coins from the beginning, then it very well could start with an asset-backed value of .0025, more or less. Then, as long as precious metal prices are stable, it would go up from there as profit from the mine, and Apollo Fintech is put into the gold backing each coin.

We aren’t in control of how much it sells for on exchanges, but as a stable coin (like USDT), we would show the real-world value that would be held by us directly backing it. It would have a higher total supply because we will keep most tokens locked, considering it is our public offering, and we own Apollo Fintech. The circulating supply would be quite low in comparison; however, I suspect the largest holders would certainly be Apollonauts just from the dividend.

GSX airdrop is currently locked in at $0.0008 per coin, and holders should be getting 100% of the amount of APL they are holding. Click To Tweet

As far as the Apollo payout questions, I don’t have the exact amount yet, but we will be offering a very attractive percentage for those buying APL and holding APL. If the majority of your portfolio is in Apollo, then it will have an incredible impact on the real asset value of your portfolio, when your GSC dividend, is distributed to you.

China’s Digital Currency vs The UAS GSC

How to receive GSX Airdrop?

To receive GSX airdrop you must have an Apollo wallet with APL in it and must be holding Apollo for a certain period of time not specified by the time. The cut off time to buy and hold APL will be announced. Secondly, you must lease your wallet to the foundation wallet to verify you have an active wallet before receiving the drop. GSX airdrop is currently locked in at $0.0008 per coin, and holders should be getting 100% of the amount of APL they are holding. It is not a onetime drop. There will be three or four distributions taking place within three to five months. GSX stable coin is trust backed with an absolute value, so it is unlikely it will go down in price at all.  Subscribe for more developing stories

Good news today from the Apollo camp. A company that is conducting a GSX BOUNTY has shared their link, and it’s a winning moment for you. Follow the instructions and get started at

GSX BOUNTY link, and it’s a winning moment for you. Follow the instructions and get started at Click To Tweet

Apollo Fintech making all the differences in the world.

Let us know your thoughts about GSX airdrop in the Apollonauts Forum.

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