Tue. Mar 2nd, 2021


Direct Apollo Partnership And Use Cases

Apollo Foundation (Fintech) Heading to Dubai and Egypt?

Moon landing for the Apollo team will not be their final destination when the galaxies are unexplored by any other platform in the crypto space. They have the technology, the team, the community behind them, and they have the single most significant partnership (ADF Group) in all blockchain and cryptocurrencies.


Why the Middle East? Why Dubai and Egypt?  

Questions are being asked by many individuals, but the most appropriate answer at this moment is what Steve McCullah said some time ago. He made it known to the Apollo community on several occasions that “The world will know Apollo Currency.” What is also known is that the team focus is on Egypt for business meetings and during their journey they will briefly stop in Dubai. It makes sense that they will stop in Dubai because Apollo’s newest team member, the influential Speaker and Blockchain Security Expert, Jorge Sebastiao, CTO – Huawei Technologies is currently residing in Dubai.

What do we know about Egypt? 

When someone hears the name Egypt, they immediately process in their brain the ‘land of the pharaohs.’ But Egypt is mostly known as the cradle of civilization because of its history and developments dating back hundreds and thousands of years ago. Egypt links northeast Africa with the Middle East and their capital city is Cairo. It is one of the most populated countries in the Middle East with a population of 100.39 million as of 2019. Along the Nile Delta, Cairo, the largest city has a population of 20,484,965 as of 2019, and for 15 and older individuals, the literacy rate is 70.8%. It is a challenge to point out minority communities in Cairo because the few minorities are not located in separate communities such as in New York City and London.

Egypt and Blockchain Technology

There was a ban on cryptocurrency trading in Egypt under the Islamic religious law to prevent digital assets from getting into the hands of terrorist organization, to stop tax evasion, money laundering, and illegal activities. Recent news coming out from Egypt is that they are preparing legislations to regulate the Egyptian cryptocurrency space. A May 28, 2019 article by the Egypt Independent stated that “The new banking law for the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) bans creating, promoting or operating platforms for issuing or trading encrypted currency or cryptocurrency without obtaining the necessary licenses in advance, according to MENA.” 2020 could be the year that Egypt will create a system to regulate the crypto space for investors who are anxiously awaiting a clear path to explore digital assets with complete autonomy and peace of mind.

Why Apollo Currency?

Demand is rapidly growing for the Apollo team from many countries in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Apollo is the only of its kind. It is an All-in-One platform with useful features for government systems, financial institutions, industrial and manufacturing, etc. It has a speed of 1-2 seconds, maximum secured wallets, DEX built in the wallets, private and public transactions, IP masking, file transfer, and many more. But what is most attracting to governments around the world is the professional manner they conduct themselves in the crypto space. Egypt is not on the 2020 roadmap. But when there is demand, Steve McCullah and the Apollo team are ready to seize the opportunity and create initiatives for the development of any country. Will Egypt lead the way to blockchain innovation in the Middle East?

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