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IEO – The Next Level of Apollo Fintech Adoption

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The twenty-first century has seen technology advancements that were never imagined by philosophers during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Apollo Fintech developed some of those technologies and is looking into an Initial Exchange Offering to broaden its team around the World.
Every company has goals, targets, or visions they outline to accomplish within a given time. They have budgets they must carefully manage and prepare for unforeseen circumstances. An unexpected development, such as the need for, rapid expansion is one that could send company leaders back to the drawing board to search for funds. Companies are aware that opportunities only last for moments. There is always someone looking and hunting to grab the opportunity you either missed or passed-up. Love Money website featured some of the biggest missed timeliness, such as The British Government and the Light Bulb, Decca Records and the Beatles, and Publishers and J.K. Rowling. What will the Apollo Fintech team do with the opportunities at hand? Would they launch an IEO and cease it all, or wait for the unforeseen?

The idea of an IEO brought to the Apollo Telegram community is just an idea, for now, but the company must meet demands from various heads-of-states and investors. Apollo Fintech has solutions, technology, and an outstanding team that works night and day with very little time to rest. They have what countries want, and Apollo is the only financial technology company providing those in-demand products in the blockchain ecosystem. What they are experiencing are offers that no other company is receiving, and most of those were not budgeted. They could sit and wait for announcements from the Commercial Bank of Zimbabwe, the United Allied States, or for the Gold Inc. game to pick up steam to start gaining revenue. Or, they could sell some Apollo APL coins as a business strategy to meet their demands. The latter is definitely off the table, according to Steve McCullah, Apollo CEO. Therefore, the only option is to wait. However, if request continues at the current rate, they’ll have to consider an Initial Exchange Offering in the future. And an IEO has many benefits for a young and innovative company that is taking on notably large projects on government levels.

What is an IEO?

FXCM said, “An initial exchange offering (IEO) is a sale of digital assets that takes place through an exchange. An IEO is similar to an initial coin offering (ICO), except that an IEO has the backing of an exchange.

IEOs are also different from security token offerings (STOs), which involve sales of digital assets that have been securitised.”

Another interesting read on the definition of an IEO is that from the SEC. “Initial exchange offerings (IEOs) are a recent development in the rapidly evolving digital asset space. IEOs are similar to initial coin offerings (ICOs) in that they are initial offerings of digital assets (e.g., coins or tokens) to raise capital. However, IEOs are being touted as an innovation on ICOs because they are offered directly by online trading platforms on behalf of companies—usually for a fee—to provide immediate trading opportunities for the digital assets. These online trading platforms, which are typically not registered with the SEC and which may improperly refer to themselves as “exchanges,” may also claim to perform due diligence or other quality assessments of the IEOs.”

Why an IEO topic was raised?


It does fund the development, and we make money with fees. But it costs hundreds of thousands, and even as much as millions of dollars to onboard a country. It’s a long and tedious legal process to lobby and design a product and get approvals. 

We are accomplishing more than any other blockchain company has even set out to do, in my opinion. But we need to expand to meet the demand. We will not and don’t want to sell Apollo to raise these funds because it would have a negative effect on the market. If we started selling, we would be blamed for every dip and movement in the market after this. We aren’t like other projects; we are working to accumulate more instead of selling. We know what Apollo will do when our major products are live and we are determined to accumulate as much Apollo as possible before that happens.

If anyone remembers, the CDE was an amazing time of growth and excitement. That was because millions of dollars went into marketing in just a few weeks. This would be the same thing that would happen in the case of an IEO, but people will be pushed to buy Apollo over anything else.

Most likely a token would not even be publicly traded, and if it were, it would be way down the line. It would be after many countries had been onboarded. We know that it would have nothing but an enormously positive effect on Apollo, if it didn’t, we would not even consider it, because Apollo is at the heart of our financial success. 

For now, I would just say for everyone to forget it. We have bigger things to look forward too, including some that are coming up quickly.

How will an IEO benefit Apollo future?

  1. APL holders will benefit because the more Apollo they buy and hold, the more token they get, plus their Apollo. Both Apollo Fintech and Apollo will benefit together.
  2. A large portion of the funds will go to marketing Apollo immediately.
  3. On-board more countries. A lot of the funds from the IEO will be used to get new gov contracts in Africa, Europe, and Asia.
  4. Large investors into Apollo Fintech 
  5. Exchange listings
  6. Fund Apollo and Apollo use cases.
  7. Apollo buyback program. 8. Expand Apollo Africa team 10 times its current size.
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