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Direct Apollo Partnership And Use Cases

Apollo Currency (APL) Now On Latoken Exchange For Live Trading

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It is December 19, 2019, and Apollo Currency is having a dominating year thus far with eleven more days remaining in this year. Latoken is a top 20 exchange and currently standing at #13 on Coinmarketcap Adjusted Volume. This is a major accomplishment for Apollo APL since they have worked around the clock all year while adding new features such as Sharding and DEX and picking up the most valuable partnership in crypto (ADF Group).  

Apollo Currency, known as the People’s Currency, is a path to glory starting this month and all the way through next year. As you can see, Steve McCullah, Apollo Director of Development said, “Let me be clear, we did not develop Apollo to compete with the top 20, we develop Apollo to replace them.” With what they are doing daily in this crypto world they deserve more credit from the media. But they also believe credit will come because they are working hard and outperforming all other projects with their technology developments.

The entire market is down and running with the bears to an unknown place where it will soon find bulls only hiding out. The price of APL is extremely undervalued based on what they have to offer such as the MoU with Lesotho government, Apollo CEX coming soon, and all other features. Apollo will dominate and the need for fifty currencies and wallets will soon go through the front door. Apollo will rule. Apollo will replace. 

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