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How Apollo (APL) Could Suddenly Rise Above $3 In Weeks To Top 5

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Apollo Currency (APL) is suddenly beginning to show its colors as a force to be reckoned with in cryptocurrency and blockchain development and rise to infinite limits. The Apollo Fintech ecosystem is preparing to launch a line of products, unleash government collaborations, and take APL to the heights it deserves. Along with product releases, they are preparing for the top 5 exchanges by coin market cap. Product developments over the past several years are all futuristic and necessary for this digital transformation.

Instant Invest, developed by Apollo Fintech, will be similar to where investors can purchase APL, GSX, ETH, and BTC. Instant Invest will cut high fees when buying other currencies, transfer to trading platforms, and purchase APL.

World’s First Growth Coin – GSX on Apollo Fintech Blockchain. Fastest Blockchain in Cryptoverse. GSX is less risky and will continue to grow over time, as referenced on the GSX roadmap. Apollo Fintech’s CEO says, “In addition to gold redeem-ability, we are working to open the first GSX visitor center before this (launch) date. Allowing anyone to view progress and see the action first hand!” #1 Gold Standard Currency (GSX) has attractive benefits for investors such as staking and backings from Apollo Fintech GSX assets.

Knox Pro exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange under the Apollo Fintech umbrella. The company overhauled it to make it the most liquid and most volume exchange in the crypto space. Since it was developed by Apollo Fintech, it is the safest exchange to trade APL and GSX coins. It was built with the average new crypto investor in mind that which makes it simple and friendly to use. Knox exchange will connect to the instant investment platform and other products in the Apollo Fintech war chest.

Knox World Pay, also developed by Apollo Fintech, will take payments and cryptocurrencies to new heights because of its technical ability to serve the unbanked in the most remote places on planet earth. Anyone with a cell phone (any mobile phone) will enjoy sending and receiving crypto in under 2 seconds by SMS messages. Knox World Pay will launch on May 15th, 2021, and is expected to go global with a reach of more than 180 countries, according to Knox World Pay documents shared in the Apollo Telegram group.

Apollo (APL) Could Suddenly Rise Above $3 In Weeks, But Why Exactly?

Apollo Currency (APL) could hit as much as $3 in weeks because of everything taking place in the Apollo ecosystem, such as the above product releases, top crypto exchanges, unlimited use cases, Knox Bank, or Know Investment Bank, Stratus social ecosystem, APL dividends, and much more that will attract investors. The fintech company will be one of the only financial technology companies to acquire a banking license and use it internationally together with blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

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Crypto exchanges and investors seeking an alternative to traditional banking systems to avoid frequent account denials could quickly open an account through Knox Investment Bank. An investment bank account with a company operating with the crypto industry is a win for all digital asset platforms.
Apollo will soon issue banking cards and a stream of benefits for holding your digital assets in their banking system.
In a nut-shell, Apollo currency APL will be backed by Stratus social ecosystem, which will give it unthinkable value in the future. Considering the entire Apollo ecosystem that is unmatchable compared to all other blockchain platforms, it is an understatement to say APL could peak to only $3 per coin.

APL blockchain has the features, speed, database sharing technology, adoptive forging, voting systems, and many more. This coin should have already been sitting within the top ten coins by market cap.

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kenneth john malone
kenneth john malone
May 8, 2021 7:12 am

good read lets hope for the best

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