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Direct Apollo Partnership And Use Cases

AMA With Apollo Fintech’s CEO, Steve McCullah, June 1st, 2020

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@steviemac09 we really need global and pro finished and ready for new buyers as bitmart is the only other real option so when can we expect them to be completed?

We are actually going all the way to the Reserve Bank in South Africa to get approval to process from our banking Lerner. But we are also waiting for our UAS bank to launch so that we can process our CC payments directly. Knox Global will
Launch alongside the first portion of our ecosystem most likely. Knox Pro should have Fiat quite soon.

@steviemac09 is there any updates in regards to release dates with UAS and CBZ and are you still working closely with Lesotho?

We have been working with all of the above, UAS will be out any day. We are waiting on them now.

CBZ is also getting down to the wire, but we have other partners in Zim that we should be announcing in the very near future as well.

CBZ is also getting down to the wire, but we have other partners in Zim that we should be announcing in the very near future as well. Click To Tweet

When is the new big airdrop for APL Holders is going to occur, we don’t need the exact date, but “approximately” Which “Q” can we expect 1st distribution since there will be 3-4 waves of distributions? Thanks in advance!

We are planning on doing the first one soon after we start the IEO.

Will you inform the coin holders of Apollo how you will invest the money you will raise through the IEO?

Yes, we have a list that will be published along with the IEO. Almost all elements have to do with Apollo, such as marketing, use cases, exchanges, etc..

Do you stick to the buyback program of Apollo coins and do you already know exactly how much you will buy back?

We don’t have an exact number as of now, this will be largely determined by the amount of funds that are raised. Our goal is 1 billion or more APL.

What have been the biggest accomplishments that you’re most proud of and excited about for the month of May?

Outside of the accomplishments that I can’t talk about yet, that would definitely be the UAS. Extensive development has gone into building the infrastructure needed to support a government. Our best devs have been building these solutions and they have been quite successful.

The reason this is the accomplishment I am most excited about and proud of is because we are the first company to build software to support the entirety of a government. This will not only help us in the UAS but all over the world. The UAS is an incredible use case.

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Hello @steviemac09 have we done ARK Net transition? aligned with ARKNet?

We have not completed Arknet quite yet. We will certainly announce when we do.

Why is the gold from mines being shared in the game to people that play? Why do the physical mining rigs keep 100% of what’s mined?

I am not quite understanding this question. A portion of the gold mined will go to backing the coin, Gold Bar, that is digitally mined in Gold inc, not all of it because there are expenses, but a great deal of the profit.

A portion of the gold mined will go to backing the coin, Gold Bar, that is digitally mined in Gold inc, not all of it because there are expenses, but a great deal of the profit. Click To Tweet

When will the IEO of GSX be? And which Exchange will adopt it?

It could be as soon as this week or next, we are planning on doing so immediately after the UAS news. So if that happens this week then we will most likely start that and the next major aspects of the marketing campaign along with it. We are not in control of when the UAS goes public, so we are at their mercy.

Hi Steve. Have you guys had any conversations with the BitFi team to determine if the GSX airdrop will be able to be supported with our BitFi devices or will we have to lease our coins from our APL wallet?

We will give you plenty of heads up, but at this point it seems as though you will most likely have to send to a normal wallet to lease, unless there is a lease feature added before then which we are not aware of. You can always send the apl immediately back to bitfi right after this event.

Good morning @steviemac09 ! Is it possible for a company such as mine to have early access to ecosystem to set up for beta testing as some YouTube influencers have?

Absolutely, we will have a beta signup for select businesses and influencers.

Hi Steve. Which ones are the announcements we are all waiting for during the next two upcoming weeks?

Any announcement could potentially happen at any time. We are not in control of most, but we are certainly doing all we can to make them happen.

As Apollo being a true privacy coin, how has this been received by public entities such as governments who all seem to be pro AML ? Is the Apollo Taxation platform used as a bridge or a compromise, and also a way to ensure that public revenues are still collected?

The government systems, although they do run on Apollo’s blockchain, do not allow citizens access to its core privacy features. So they don’t have a major effect on Governments.

Dear steve, we need use leasing feature for join distribution for apl holder, after that my apl coin will be hold 3..5 months when gsx distribution?

It would only be leased for a maximum of 1 week from my understanding.

I am currently leasing though a pool. I am bit confused, in order to receive GSX, should I lease to any other address ( foundation address you mentioned), if so what is that address. Or should I just keep APL in my web wallet is fine to receive GSX?. If It is ok to continue to lease through the pool (Apollo Forging Pool) that I am currently leasing, how will I get my GSX to my wallet?. Thanks

We have been in the process of determining this, we will publish exact instructions as soon as we have determined the best course of action for large leasing pools. I am not sure at this point if we will be able to allow leasing pools to collectively redeem GSX, but if we don’t, we may assign a week’s time to lease to the Apollo Fintech wallet. That way if someone is already in a contract they will be able to take part as soon as their current lease ends, then they could go right back to their leasing pool once they receive their GSX.

Apollo is on a path to historic heights and congratulations to you and team, and faithful brothers and sisters spreading the good news. Can you tell us anything about blockchain or coin being used for CBDC or any connections in the future?

If you are referring to CBZ, our MOA is confidential at the moment. What we can release is that we are working with them on 3 products.

If you are referring to CBZ, our MOA is confidential at the moment. What we can release is that we are working with them on 3 products. Click To Tweet

@steviemac09 will smart contracts be finished and used for uas services that Apollo fintech provides?

Smart contracts as the public knows them will not be completed before the first part of the UAS government system is live. We use a form of smart contracts in each platform to facilitate software for each department. I am not at liberty to discuss in great detail at the moment, but this is something we may release later. The simple answer is they aren’t exactly the same.

Is it that time to reveal other unknown partners you’ve hinted about in the past?

We will reveal this information as soon as we can. It will most likely be after our UAS announcement.

Feels like for ever since we had a new exchange announcement, are they any new ones to come soon ?

We have a new exchange initiative starting soon after the coin distribution starts.

Find more AMA here and on Apollo Telegram.

Are any formal docs available for the ownership of the 3000 acres land in Africa?

Yes, the rights are held by our subsidiaries. We will
absolutely publish documentation after the distribution starts.

Why smart contracts were postponed for one year as they were supposed to complete by 31 December 2019? Are they currently given priority and being developed?

Good question, we have had a tremendous number of things that have happened over the last two years. Like any successful business, we have had to be flexible at times and make changes when necessary. The biggest reasoning for a delay in Smart Contracts is we changed the direction while developing Apollo and ended up putting much more into completely reconstructing and refactoring the blockchain. We did this for the sake of its long term development, we made the blockchain modular as well to make it much more robust.

These changes needed to happen before we could start the finishing work on Smart Contracts. This redesign and reconstruction was successfully completed.

What did you walk away with from today’s AMA? What expectations you had? Are you satisfied with the answers you received?

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