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Direct Apollo Partnership And Use Cases

AMA With Apollo CEO, Steve McCullah - April 13th, 2020.




In regards to the trouble the world is in at the moment(COVID 19) do you anticipate there being a major delay in the implementation of the products Apollo offers to the nations choosing to adopt them? Could the arrangements be put on the back burner till further notice?


There will be no delay with the implementation of products that we foresee. There may be a delay in the development of Apollo blockchain features, however. We will prioritize national solutions over optional features because we believe that most Apollonauts will agree that national use cases are more important.

Hi @steviemac09, with Coinbase my tax is already prepared (calculated – shows profit and loss) and it’s ready to go. Will there be a similar system on Knox global easy buy site?

Absolutely, this is something that should be implemented fairly quickly.

Richard Levin:

Was there any consideration to broadcast this historical unprecedented joint Zimbabwe Government/Apollo official announcement via a Main Stream Media source like for example BBC or CNN or Fox Business, in order to facilitate maximum worldwide exposure? (like a Press Conference format)
or is there a high cost or expense which makes that approach problematic?


I am not aware of any company doing this unless something is leaked unintentionally.

A company typically wants to release their press release first so that they provide the media with all of the details to write a story, that way others can read those facts as well and the company can control the narrative of the story.

How you announce something is not as important as who finds out about it after you announce, how they find out and what information they have about it.
If there is a big story then you aren’t worried about maximizing the microphone of the first announcement because it will get out there. You are worried about controlling how it’s announced and controlling the narrative.

David Kelly:

@steviemac09 Hi Steve, what fees will Apollo be used for on Knox PRO and global what will the fees be and can they be forged


Eventually, we plan on adding APL as the main fee coin.

X Y:

Hardware. Can you tell which product/service it involves?
Or at least consumers, businesses or governments? Will it be available worldwide or just Africa?


Outside of a few regionally focuses things like the most affordable smartphones which we plan to launch in Africa, a biometric payment card and a smart POS System, we plan on launching a piece of hardware that is built for forging Apollo 24/7. This way you will not have to leave your phone or PC on all the time to take advantage of forgoing.

X Y:

What drives you as an entrepreneur ? (as CEO and Founder of Apollo Fintech) What is your dream/vision that keeps you going each day (for yourself and/or AF)?


I love this question because it gives me a chance to voice my vision, which is the reason for my drive.

I am driven every day out of an intense desire to change the world, in a big way. At one time, well before Apollo came about, money was a big drive because of the freedom it offered. Well over a decade ago I was a missionary kid that moved back to the US on my own at 18 years old. I had to work night and day to get to where I am now. I was fortunate, after a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, to have become successful early in life. After that my focus shifted to shaping how the world operates.

Before I started Apollo I already had a number of successful companies and I enjoyed building them. The reason I decided to dedicate myself to Apollo, and the reason I have never wavered, is because I know without a shadow of a doubt that Apollo Currency and Apollo Fintech have the capability to change the world in bigger ways than just about anything. If we didn’t have the best blockchain on the market I would not be here. I know what it takes to be successful in this market and I know we have something capable of making it to the top.

What drives me at this point, today is the fact that we have made it, we are changing the world in historical ways and this is just the beginning. We will run economies, we will change lives and we will shape nations.

X Y:

Will the new social ecosystem be centralized or decentralized?


Centralized, but it will have decentralized elements.

Emmanuel Mahmud:

Hi @steviemac09 when exactly will Zimbabwe start to use the Gold back currency?
Secondly, will the game stable coin be on Knox pro? if yes, then how many coins would the game stable coin be paired with?


All we can do is develop and work with a nation to get a solution ready. It is up to them to implement, so we can’t give any absolute dates.

When do you expect to update the Apollo currency website, with an updated Roadmap, whitepaper, and tech doc?


We are very close to doing this, we have been making final preparations on the next documents.

Denver Brooks:

@steviemac09 what incentives will be given for new users on Knox exchange to buy and hold APL?


We have some very big incentives coming. Please listen to the news coming up.

Denver Brooks:

@steviemac09 will there be any discounts on the trading fee for people trading with APL pairs?


Yes, this is in the works.

Hi Steve, I see APL is worth in many use cases, but my question is, what is your priority now for mass adoption? I mean, payments, smart contracts, exchange…? It’s so good to be good at many things, but if you get to be the best at least at one of them, it’s key for success. I mean not the best only in technology, but focus and highlight that so you get known for being a master on that, and when someone thinks of that thing, think of Apollo

The applications that are coming out in the near future are revolutionary because they remove the barriers that all other cryptocurrencies layout.

Between physical locations, SMS sending, Biometric card, POS systems, and our other new features, we will have the only Cryptocurrency that could ever truly be mass adopted. It requires access, speed, sustainability, and usability to achieve mass adoption. Nothing else offers this outside of Apollo.

@steviemac09 what will be Apollo’s vision for Social Cause and helping in this Pandemic like Corona??


Apollo Fintech will be a beacon of hope in Africa and the world, for more reasons than one. Please refer to our newest news.

@steviemac09 any airdrops in the near future? If so, on exchange or wallets


Our partner will be doing one soon for Gold Inc, and we have a few more coming. The next bounty we do will be paid the same day it ends. So do not worry, there will be no more airdrop questions in the community.

Steve. What’s your thinking behind listing BNB from the outset on Knox pro? Could have been a great bargaining chip to get APL listed on Binance 🤷‍♂️


We won’t need a bargaining chip, but I definitely see the logic.

@steviemac09 you said we shouldn’t investigate everything with just 5%. What awaits us in this 95 % when it is revealed? What haven’t we seen yet?

You will see that very soon. I know we all hate that word, but it’s the only thing I can say at the moment. Some of it you will hear today, hopefully, it will make sense.

Hi Steve, is Apollo Fintech going to be anything like Ripple where the main product is Xcurrent which is mainly what bank is using and not really available to the public, and XRapid ( XRP) which is given to fund Ripple operation.
ie how does Apollo differ to provide the community with benefit? Thanks


The difference between us and XRP is that APL actually has incredibly technological value and utility on its own, unlike XRP. XRP is not the cornerstone of Ripplenet. Almost no bank even chooses to use XRP in Ripplenet.

So yes and no, although it is used with many of our products, Apollo has value from utility and it’s own features.

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