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Direct Apollo Partnership And Use Cases

A Closer Look at Apollo Knox Crypto Exchange

The cryptocurrency ecosystem is slowly expanding, but it noticeably lacks reliable sources and exchanges needed for global mass adoption. Apollo Fintech is the only platform working on mass adoption on the global front with zero limitations for the ordinary people and not just corporations. 

Firstly, Apollo is the only All-in-One with a Fintech platform and foundation loaded with every feature you could find in the top fifty or one hundred coins. While they already have a decentralized exchange (DEX) on their platform, Apollo Knox will be a centralized exchange (CEX). The team goals are to provide a network of opportunities for the improvement of people’s lives, provide maximum security for administrations and investors, and continue the course of innovation with their 3rd generation technologies. 

Apollo Knox exchange got its name based off Fort Knox (United States Bullion Depository) located in Kentucky, south of Louisville and north of Elizabethtown. 

An article from Readers Digest said, “Saying something is “as secure as Fort Knox” implies way stronger protection than you might have realized. As home to about half of the U.S. gold reserves, Fort Knox has been called the most secure vault on the planet.” The Apollo wallet security features are the best in the cryptocurrency space. Adding a Fort Know grade security to their Fintech platform will keep Apollo in the number one spot for secured platforms for decades to come. In continuation, the article said, “The U.S. Treasury says Fort Knox is “equipped with the latest and most modern protective devices.” It hasn’t confirmed exactly what those devices are, but rumor has it the vault grounds are surrounded by land mines and electric fences; machine guns go off when a laser is triggered, and a radar keeps watch over the area.”

The Apollo Fintech website noted the problem with today’s digital assets exchanges are that “The barriers to cryptocurrency are extensive and large fiat deposits take days.” The solution is “Physical locations and regional bank partnerships facilitate near-instant bank transfers and cash deposits, removing traditional barriers.” Crypto exchanges are often being hacked (Binance) or the exchange CEO ran away with investors’ funds (Index). A Martin Rosulek article on the Blockalive website listed some disadvantages of using Coinbase as: 

  1. Coinbase accounts are monitored and you don’t stay anonymous.
  2. Slow support.
  3. Funds can be delayed (deposits and withdrawals) for three days.
  4. Not many supported cryptocurrencies.
  5. The company is all about business.

According to Steve McCullah, Apollo’s Fintech CEO, they are in the process of customizing the Knox exchange based on their banking partner (partners) preferences.

The benefits of the Apollo Knox exchange are:

  1. Physical locations open a new world of unbanked users to cryptocurrency.
  2. Regional bank partnerships allow users to deposit and withdraw at unparalleled speed.
  3. Customer service will be the best on Earth, boasting 24/7 assistance.
  4. Boasting bank-grade encryption, cold storage, registry lock and many more of the best security features on Earth
  5. Nuclear detonation protected server storage and cold wallet.
  6. Smart KYC technology allows for some of the fastest KYC on Earth.

Here are some points why the Knox exchange is an exciting and highly anticipated project that will outshine Coinbase and Binance.

Coinbase and Binance features






Future FDIC insured

iOS and Android applications.

Credit Card acceptance

Wire transfer

Liquid cash on demand

Physical locations and many payment gateways

Regional bank transfers in many countries

Future offices in Asia, the United States of America, and Africa

Knox Trust to back APL coins in an immutable and legal way

24/7 North American customer service team.

Guaranteed trading and incentives for holding and using APL

Infinite liquidity on many pairings


To start, Knox will have six coins and tokens with multiple trading pairs, and weekly additions. The plan is to include APL as a future trading pair for each coin or token. People around the world will have access to the Knox exchange if they have a smartphone or devices such as computers with an internet connection. Our research showed that in most African countries where Apollo started government initiatives, more than half of all cities have devices that are useful for online transactions.

For those people, those investors who are willing to invest in blockchain and digital assets but are skeptical because of safety, Apollo Knox will come to the rescue. For those who lost funds due to theft and now are skeptical of falling prey to another shady artist, Apollo Knox will restore your hope. For those who are now discovering the benefits of digital assets and would love to get it right from the start, Apollo Knox is your only choice.

Most investors will flock to the Knox exchange because of their security, global reach, endless features, and infinite possibilities. Apollo Knox will create a friendlier atmosphere for everyone.

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