Thu. Jan 21st, 2021


Direct Apollo Partnership And Use Cases

1M Plus New Wallets Expected After a Chain of Announcements

The Apollo Fintech new products are out and ready to be customized according to government requirements. The demand is up, and it’s the perfect moment for an Apollo appearance within the top ten spots on

The site was released last week amidst a hail of praises and satisfaction from the Apollo community. The site is legible with suitable images, and overall, professionally designed. In respect, everything seems to be working as they hoped. From what we gathered here at DAPUcases, they had several teams in different places working to make it a success.

With the new Fintech website came some of the most exciting products the Apollo community was awaiting. By demand, they developed products for government bodies, commercial companies, and consumers. Usages of some Government products such as the National Currency System and the Commodity System could start in a matter of days or weeks, according to news from the Apollo community on Telegram. Two of their commercial products are the White Label Payment System and the Apollo Bank Network. On the consumer end, products they have are the Apollo Currency, Know Exchange, Apollo Cash, and Apollo DEX that which is currently upgrading to DEX 2.0. The website also lists numerous benefits of each product for interested parties to browse for information and not have to guess their use cases. By the listed benefits, governments, commercial companies, and consumers can immediately classify what product or products they want Apollo customized before contacting the Apollo Fintech administration.

Besides those listed products, four more will soon appear on the website for a total of 15 products. One of which touted to replace the need for networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and a long list of platforms we utilize daily. That is the secret project Apollo Fintech’s CEO, Steve McCullah, has been speaking bolding about and with optimism that it will work according to the plan that was in development for approximately four years. Every technology they put out has been working seamlessly. That includes Database Sharding that no other platform has technologically developed to prevent blockchain bloat.

Steve McCullah:

“This is more long term, but it will be something we will push to add as soon as possible. 

As part of our ecosystem we will also have an online bank. Knox will not just be an exchange on the long term either,

we will offer financial products, an IEO platform and the thing I am most excited about, Knox Trust.

Knox Trust is a way to back APL tokens, but in an immutable, legal way. For instance, if you want to offer real estate to back a token we would work with you to give the trust ownership and make the token holders the legal beneficiaries of that property.

Another example, we are working with a multi-billion mining project in SA that will be legally making their token holders the recipients of the mine’s profits.

Similar situation with Gold inc.”

According to questions and answers on Telegram, it all looks like Apollo has the green light from several administrations and companies to use their products. One million new wallets is a highly conservative number considering what they are doing behind the scenes, as expressed by Steve. One million new active wallets will cast another first for Apollo in the crypto ecosystem. Apollo Fintech would be the first crypto company under three years old to accomplish such a high level of adoption. With that rate of adoption, dethroning Bitcoin could come sooner than anyone ever imagined.

Question by Apollo (Community Member):

You seem quiet sure of yourself. That’s good! Of course everybody is talking about the fact that Central Banks may use Ripple’ s DLT…Ripple have been clearly mentionned on paper by governments. Do you have some elements of the same sort to provide regarding Apollo + goverments ?


I’m sure of what I’m saying because I know what is going on at the moment.

We are directly competing with Ripple
with our bank to bank platform and have a significantly better system that works with our other products also.

We aren’t working to be mentioned by governments so that we can show we talked to them, we are working to sign agreements.


The stuff we are working on takes years to get through the right Channels. People expected instant agreements and that’s just not possible. So they got disappointed and sold out.

I am actually glad it took this long, because you all, the people that believed in us, are the ones that will benefit most.

Steve is very selective with his words, and he speaks with the technology to back his every step. Therefore, all that he mentioned time and again is due to his experience in the business and technology world. Steve is the type of CEO that would love to be held responsible for something he wished for if it didn’t happen.

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