Sun. Jun 20th, 2021


Direct Apollo Partnership And Use Cases

Apollo Fintech vs Bitcoin vs Altcoins vs the World

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Gone are the days when the Bishop said, “Throw your tithes and offering today, empty your pockets, and tomorrow you’ll receive more than you sow today.” And they all emptied their pockets. Gone are the days when rumors were hyped, used, and abused to sky rock cryptocurrency prices. Today, substance matters and Apollo have substance. Apollo Fintech is bringing real use cases to the table. Get you Bitfi wallet here.

The story of Bitcoin is that it’s slow, not scalable, and some investors may not use it for everyday needs. It is considered a store of digital value (the opposite of gold, which is physical). But it is the king of the crypto space because it was the first of its kind, it has value, and all other coins or tokens follows its movements. That kind of swing movement would not affect Apollo Fintech because Apollo is developing products and features that would not be affected by the crypto market. In other words, it will exist without Bitcoin.

There are altcoins for everything on the market. It appears like a new coin was born by the hour. On, there are over 2000 altcoins people can choose from if they wish to explore the digital assets ecosystem. There are coins for cross-border payments, such as XRP. There are coins for smart contracts and the hosting of other tokens, such as ETH. There are coins for games, such as Enjin. Coins for tracking products and goods, such as VeChain. There are privacy coins such as Monero and Dash. Some altcoin platforms have a lot of partnerships, but it is clear the coins aren’t in use by those companies. Some crypto does nothing impressive and significant to boost the crypto space, but they’re there sitting on a few pennies. Some coins are old, technology outdated, no real adoption, no real team, and no real vision for the future. Apollo Fintech, the only All-in-One platform, can do it all and will do it all for the world to see. Take the Apollo Fintech February, 2020 poll.

In taking on the world, Apollo Fintech created its blockchain and created the most features anyone could imagine. From the very beginning of time, they had a plan for what Apollo will become in a few days. Apollo is poised to be the crypto giant many investors were seeking in well-known coins. Today’s Telegram AMA with Steve McCullah, Apollo’s Director of Business Development, is on hold because of a government meeting in Zimbabwe. That is the kind of substance I was referring to earlier in this article. Apollo Fintech has an ongoing African Initiative with many African nations and a National Currency Initiative for other countries. They already secured a government partnership with Lesotho (MoU) for all government systems, and many more are in the making. Today’s impromptu meeting is a result of the Zimbabwe initiative and sandbox that started last quarter.

Apollo Fintech is taking on the world and the blockchain ecosystem on a level no other asset is currently doing, and the results thus far are positive. Apollo Fintech technology is superior, the team is professional and respectful, and they are innovating on investors’ demand and by foreseeable crypto weaknesses. Apollo Fintech will not compete with digital assets. The team created Apollo to replace the need for an investor to hold seven and ten different digital assets and must share personal information with many platforms. Innovate or go home.

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